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Location Lat/Lon: 46.39637°N / 10.04531°E
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 8527 ft / 2599 m
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The bright Lago Bianco from Piz Campasc
The bright Lago Bianco as seen from the summit of Piz Campasc

Piz Campasc is a modest peak when it comes to altitude, but a fine one when it comes to views. Located directly south of the scenic Bernina pass, Piz Campasc towers high above the passroad. Piz Campasc offers views towards the mighty Bernina Group, with Piz Cambrena and Piz Palu as main eye-catchers. The route to Piz Campasc starts from the Bernina Pass and is a well-marked hiking trail with a T3 gradation. Climbing Piz Campasc from the Bernina pass takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Return is about one hour. This makes it a rather short climb and a popular hike for those stopping at the Bernina pass. 

Lago Bianco & Piz Campasc
Lago Bianco & Piz Campasc

Piz Campasc (2599m)
Piz Campasc (2599m) by Cyrill

Piz Campasc is located at the border of the Bernina Group with the Livigno Alps. Directly to the west of Piz Campasc is the Lake/Lago Bianco (2234m) with the main ridge of the Bernina mountains behind. Piz Cambrena and Piz Palu (just the tip) can be seen from the summit of Piz Campasc when looking towards the west. Towards the north and east the passroad towards Poschiavo and Italy goes down the Campasc valley (Val da Campasc) with the Livigno Alps dominating the view above the valley. Val Poschiavo is located to the south of the mountain.

The NW side of Piz Campasc has a gentle slope towards the summit, this is also where the trail from the Bernina pass goes up the mountain. The other faces are steeper and form a quite impressive sight when looked upon from the passroad down to Poschiavo.

Bernina Group & a small pond
Bernina Group & a small pond

Piz Campasc North Face
Piz Campasc North Face

Route Description

Piz Campasc Map
Piz Campasc (2599m, N-Flank)
Piz Campasc (2599m, N-Flank)
Val Poschiavo from Piz Campasc
Val Poschiavo from Piz Campasc
The route starts at the Ospizio Bernina (2303m), which is just west of the actual Bernina Pass at 2329 meters. The Ospizio can be recognized by the big parking lot and the big building stating “Ospizio”. Also see the red marker on the map for the exact location. At the big parking lot is a yellow signpost. Walk towards it and you can read “Pizzo Campasc”, “1 hour”. I must say, one hour is rather optimistic. It is possible if you are a fast hiker, but I would say the ascent takes about an hour and a half. Follow the very well visible trail in the direction of Pizzo Campasc (towards the S-SE). In the first half hour or so you will ascend and descend some foothills until Pizzo Campasc eventually comes into sight. Until you reach the base of the mountain the trail is easy and relatively flat (T2). At the base of Pizzo Campasc the trail starts gaining in elevation and goes up the W-NW flank of Campasc. The trail passes south of the summit (underneath)  and finally arrives on the summit of Piz Campasc from the SE. This last part is graded T3. The path is visible at all times and marked by red-white stripes. Descent is the same way back to the Bernina Pass. A round trip takes about 2 to 3 hours.

The starting point (Ospizio Bernina at 2307m) is shown by a red marker on the map. The summit is also marked. The trail is indicated by the red line.

Getting there

Bernina Pass & start of the trail
Ospizio Bernina  & start of the trail
The route starts at the Ospizio Bernina (2303m), which is just west of the actual Bernina pass at 2329 meters. The Ospizio can be recognized by the big parking lot and the big building stating “Ospizio”.  The Bernina pass is located along highway 29 and connects  the Engadin (St Moritz, Pontresina etc) with Val Poschiavo and Italy (Poschiavo , Tirano etc). South of the Bernina pass there is also a connection with Livigno via the Forcella di Livigno

See the link for a route planner to get to the Bernina Pass (Google Maps).

It is also possible to get to the Bernina pass by train (famous Bernina Express) since there is a railway station named “Ospizio Bernina” just south of the Bernina Pass. For more information about the Bernina Express see this link.

When to Climb

Lago Bianco & Bernina
Lago Bianco & Bernina Group
Piz Campasc
can be climbed best during the summer months when there is no snow on the mountain.


Livingo Alps& Piz Campasc
Livingo Alps & Piz Campasc
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Plauns 13
CH-7504 Pontresina
Tel.: 081 842 62 85
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Bernina Pass Hotel - Albergo Ospizio Bernina

Bernina Pass Hotel - Cambrena Hotel

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Bernina Pass Webcam

Maps and Books

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