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Piz Crappa Grischa
Created On: Nov 30, 2008
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Piz Crappa GrischaPiz Crappa Grischa as seen from Salaaser Kopf

In the central part of the Samnaun Group it is hard to find a mountain, which does not host a ski lift a ski run or both. The whole basin of Alp Trida, oon of the largest mountain meadows of Europe, is criss-crossed by a network of lifts and wherever you look you see constructions in the basin. IIn wintertime it's a paradise for downhill skiers and snowboarders, in summer it's the alpine equivalent of hell.

However, there still are some places, most of them either too steep or remote for skiing, where you can spend a solitary summer day apart from the foolishness around you. One of these places towers 1000m above Samnaun village itself - the Piz Crappa Grischa Ridge. It is composed of three distinct summits: Motter Kopf / Piz Matruga (2711m), Piz Crappa Grischa (2800m) and Piz Ot (2758m). All three are aligned to the north of Samnaun with Piz Ot being the outside rampart, visible from the village centre. Of the three summits, Piz Crappa Grischa is the highest one and at the same time interesting to climb and nice to look out from.
Piz Matruga and Piz Crappa GrischaPiz Crappa Grischa
Piz OtPiz Ot
Piz MatrugaPiz Matruga

On its southern side Piz Crappa Grischa is a grass mountain. It rises out of Val Musauna like a steep cone, the slopes of which are as steep as grass slopes can get. On its northern side the mountain is rocky. The slopes are equally steep but made up from large blocks. In between a knife-edge ridge leads from Salaaser Joch in the west straight up to the pointy summit. The climb is rather exposed near the top of the mountain but far from difficult. The hike turns into a UIAA I scramble only in its very topmost part. The ridge traverse to Piz Ot is different. The knife-edge turns to almost vertical and blocks bar the direct route to the neighbouring summit.
Weird craters in the meadow beneath Piiz Crappa GrischaKarst formation beneath Crappa Grischa

Below the summit cone of Piz Crappa Grischa you find a curosity, typical for this part of the Samnaun Group. The alpine meadows suddenly give way and a section of craters appear. Here - you have the first signs of karst development. Underground limestone caverns collapse and form the doline--like craters on the surface. These collapse zones can be found at two spots north and south of the mountain.

Getting There

Muttler, Stammerspitz and Piz Crappa GrischaMuttler, Stammerspitz and Piz Crappa Grischa

Start the climb of Piz Crappa Grischa from Samnaun village. Follow the Zeblasjoch Route to Zeblasjoch Saddle. Now either climb across Palinkopf and Salaaser Kopf or head directly for Salaaser Joch across the meadows.

Samnaun can be reached as follows:
From Austria
  • Take B180 from Landeck to Pfunds
  • At Pfunds switch to the mountain road to Spiss and Samnaun

From Switzerland

  • Take B27 from St. Moritz through Engadin.
  • At Martina stay on the road to Vinadi, where the mountain road to Samnanun turns off.

From Italy

  • Take SS38 and SS 40 from Bozen / Bolzano to Reschenpass / Passo di Resia
  • In Austria take B180 through Nauders to Pfunds
  • At Pfunds switch to the mountain road to Spiss and Samnaun

Red Tape

Piz Crappa GrischaPiz Crappa Grischa seen from Val Musauna

You are in the duty free exclave of Samnaun. While you can easily buy all kinds of things toll free, smuggling has always been a problem in the area. Therefore be prepared to get your car checked by Austrian customs officers when leaving the exclave.


Weather Conditions

Muttler, Stammerspitz and VesulspitzeMuttler, Stammerspitz and Vesulspitze

Maps & Books


  • Digital Maps

  • Regular Maps
    • Landeck-Nauders-Samnaungruppe
      Kompass Map WK 42
      ISBN: 3-85491-048-7
    • Silvretta-Verwallgruppe
      Kompass Map WK 41
      ISBN: 3-85491-047-9
    • Schweizer Landeskarte, available at German Alpine Club
      • SLK 1179 Samnaun, Art.Nr.: 141179


    • Samnaungruppe
      Paul Werner / Ludwig Thoma
      Rother Verlag
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    • Unterengadin
      Rudolf Weiss / Siegrun Weiss
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  • Piz Crappa Grischa

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