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Location Lat/Lon: 46.43153°N / 10.02368°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 9708 ft / 2959 m
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Piz LagalbPiz Labalb seen from the trailhead at the Diavolezza parking lot

Piz Lagalb is a standalone mountain, which rises to the north-east of Bernina Pass. Its singular location just across the pass from the Bernina Group makes it a perfect lookout towards the glaciated giants like Piz Palü, Piz Bernina or Piz Morterasch. The Biancograt Ridge towards Piz Bernina can be seen in its full length if you bring binoculars. And if you turn the other way you will see the mountains of the Livigno Alps rising all around you, with farther peeks at the Albula Alps or the Ortler / Ortles Group. And very far away you'll see the Ötztal Alps in the north or the Adamello Group in the south.
Piz Lagalb, 2.959m
Piz Lagalb
Piz Lagalb

There is one serious drawback, however: in 1963 a cable-car was installed on the mountain, starting in its north and ending close to the summit. Ski runs were developed, which run down Piz Lagalb's north face. The cable-car station on top has been equipped with a big antenna, which simply cannot be blotted out of the views. The final ascent towards the summit runs across one of the ski runs which gives the impression of a big motorway. So why would you go there?
Piz Lagalb
Piz Albris (3166m), Piz Languard (3262m), Piz Pischa (3138m), Piz Prüna (3153m), davor der Piz Alv (2975m)
Piz Lagalb

The answer lies in the views of course but also in the fact that the cable-car is only operated in winter. Moreover, the routes towards Piz Lagalb avoid the ski runs as much as possible so that you'll notice them only very close to the summit. The hike through Val Minor, which circles Piz Lagalb on its eastern side is very beautiful, thanks to the lakes which you find in its end. The hike up the south face runs along panoramic ledges, which offer increasingly beautiful views the higher you get. The direct route from the north cuts across one of the ski runs in a few spots but it also heads for nice ledges in the mountain's west face.

Piz PalüPiz Palü
Piz BerninaPiz Bernina
Piz Prievius (3610m), Piz Morterasch (3751m)Piz Morterasch
Albula AlpsAlbula Alps
Cima Lago Spalmo (3291m), Cima Viola (3374m), Scima da Saoseo (3264m)Cima Viola
Adamello Group above Piz dal TeoAdamello Group

Piz Lagalb is an easy "almost-3000er". From the Diavolezza / Lagalb Cable-Car you merely have to scale some 850m to get to its summit and even the round trip through Val Minor takes less than 1000m elevation gain.

360° Summit Panorama

360° summit panorama Piz Lagalb

Getting There

BiancogratBiancograt seen from Piz Lagalb

There are two trailheads for Piz Lagalb, the hospice on Bernina Pass and the Diavolezza / Lagalb Cable Car. Both are located on B29, the road from Samedan / St. Moritz towards Bernina Pass. Also, both can be reached either by car or by train as there are train stations of the Bernina Railway in these locations.

Red Tape

There's no red tape. Piz Lagalb is a ski mountain and you might be disappointed by the ski runs and the cable-car station near its summit. On the upside there are no limitations and a huge parking lot.

When to Climb

Bernina GroupBernina Group seen from Piz Lagalb

Regular hiking season is from July through October. In winter you can either take the cable-car or do a ski-tour to the summit.


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Maps & Books


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