Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 46.40278°N / 9.58694°E
Activities: Mountaineering, Skiing
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Elevation: 10016 ft / 3053 m


Piz Piot 3053m is a mountain in the eastern part of Switzerland, in the Swiss canton Grisons (Graubünden). He is located in the Rhaetian Alps and the Platta Group. The mountain is at the end of Avers valley, which is famous for many beautiful ski tours in Spring time. Further valleys in the proximity of the Piz Piot, are in the south the Maroz valley (Val Maroz) and the Duana valley (Val da la Duana), in the west the Bergalga valley (Val Bergalga) and in the north the Juferalpa valley. In the neighborhood one found the mountains Piz Turba 3018m, Gletscherhorn 3107m and the famous Piz Duan 3130m.

Piz Piot has two summits, a northwest summit 3037m and a southeast summit 3053m, which is the main point.

The mountain area around the Piz Piot is lonely and it has few people. Especial in the summertime is this landscape devoid of people.

Piz Piot 3053mPiz Piot 3053m

Route & Difficulty

Summer route on foot:

Best start in village Juf 2124m. On a hiking trail on goes into Juferalpa valley. The trail ends by the point "Planjent". From there the route is pathless. One goes to the Piot-glacier, a small glacier that melted strongly and to the Piotjoch 2822m. Further to the point 2926m and to nortwest summit 3037m of Piz Piot. Over northwest ridge one goes to the main summit 3053m.

Winter/Spring route with ski:

With ski one goes the same route as in the summer. See above.

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Getting There

By public transport:

With the RHB-railway from Chur to Thusis. Than with the yellow post bus to villages Ausserferrera and Juf 2124m

Online train schedule (public transport Switzerland): SBB schedule

By car:

Avers valley: Chur - Thusis - Andeer - Innerferrera - Cresta - Juf 2124m

Online Route scheduler: route scheduler in english and


Avers valley:

- Hotel Bergalga >Link: Bergalga

For further accommodations see here:

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In Memory of Cyrill Rüegger

A note from the SP staff
Cyrill Rüegger, the member we all used to know as Cyrill and Digitalis, died on June 13th 2009 in an avalanche on the summit ridge of Piz Palü together with his wife Tanja and a common friend. They were swept down by the avalanche into a couloir underneath the east summit and died instantly. Their bodies were retrieved from the Palü Glacier by helicopter a day after the accident.

Cyrill joined SP in March 2006 and soon was one of the most prolific contributors on the site with almost 70 mountain and 5 range pages to his profile. He was an accomplished climber, bagging almost 1000 summits in not quite seven years. Among them are 35 4000ers and 272 3000ers, almost all of them in his home country Switzerland.

While contributing a lot on SP, Cyrill's real internet home was where he contributed 585 mountain profiles and reports in his native language German. Cyrill also posted on and other climbing sites, often under his real name but also under the pseudonym Digitalis. He was a botanist by profession and also contributed his knowledge about medical plants to different websites. Cyrill will be greatly missed by all.

This page will be kept in honour of Cyrill, one of SP's most prolific members and most active mountaineers.

Rest in peace, brother!

The picture above was taken on the summit of Matterhorn on July 28th 2007.