Pizzi del Ferro

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Location Lat/Lon: 46.29382°N / 9.62265°E
Additional Information Elevation: 10793 ft / 3290 m
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"Pizzi del Ferro" is the name commonly used for the 3 summits placed on the boundary Italy-Switzerland, enclosed on the italian side into "Valle del Ferro", and on the swiss side overhanging the "Albigna" glacier. They are part of the Val Masino Alps.

On this ridge 3 distinguished summits :
  • Pizzo del Ferro occidentale (west) - 3273m
  • Pizzo del Ferro centrale (main) - 3290m (also known in Switzerland as Cima della Bondasca)
  • Pizzo del Ferro orientale (east) - 3198m (also known in Italy as Punta Qualido

    Major summits of Val del Ferro.
    Major summits of Val del Ferro

    Getting there

    To get there you must drive along the SS38 starting from Milano or from Sondrio.
    Just few km before Sondrio (coming from Milan), on the right side(N)of Adda river, the small town of "Ardenno" is the begin of the road 404 that leads to S.Martino Val Masino.

    Once in S.Martino follow the road on the right (East - Val di Mello) and try to find a car park site (best one is near the "Baita del Gigiat"(1000m).

    Once here you must start walking following the yellow signal for "Molteni-Valsecchi" bivouac (2510m - about 4 hours walk - 1500m difference in elevation). This is a recommended place for rests.

    The first part of the path is not very evident, so you need to find it in the wood, keep allways the left side of the river.

    As you can check on the related page, this bivouac is placed on the Sentiero Roma, and many people use to come here for a stage, from east (refuge Allievi - 3/4 hours), or from west (refuge Gianetti - 3/4 hours).

    Coming here from swiss Val Bondasca is too long and not so easy and olso it requires the cross over the "Passo del Ferro" (3203m) along the glacier de la Bondasca (Val Bondasca)

    Val Masino.
    Val di Mello
    Val del Ferro at sunrise.
    Valle del Ferro

    Pizzo del Ferro occidentale 3273m(west)

    Summit not very famous, situated on the western part of Val del Ferro.
    Quite easy and funny to climb:

    from Rifugio Gianetti
  • West ridge across Bondo pass - PD - 4 to 5 hours

    from Bivacco Molteni-Valsecchi
  • East ridge across Ferro pass - F - 3 hours
  • South ridge - PD - 3 to 4 hours
  • East spur - PD/AD - 4 hours

    Pizzo del Ferro occidentale.
    South side

    Pizzo del Ferro centrale 3290m(main)

    Nice mountain with two different summits:

    Western summit 3270m

    from Rifugio Gianetti
  • West ridge across Bondo pass - F - 4 to 5 hours
    from Bivacco Molteni-Valsecchi

  • West ridge across Ferro pass - F - 3 hours

    Eastern summit 3290m

    from Bivacco Molteni-Valsecchi
  • West ridge across Ferro pass - F - 3 hours

    from ref. Sciora
  • North flank across glacier de le Bondasca - PD - 4 to 5 hours

    North side
    North side

    Pizzo del Ferro orientale 3198m(east)

    Placed on the eastern part of Val del Ferro.
    Easy climb, strongly recommended for the beautyful panorama on the
    Sciora group.

    from Rifugio Allievi

  • East ridge across passo dell'Averta and colle Masino - PD - 3 to 4

    from Bivacco Molteni-Valsecchi

  • Western slopes - F - 3 hours

    Pizzo del Ferro Orientale seen from biv. Valsecchi.


    Pizzi Gemelli
    refuge Sciora

    Refuge Sciora

    Area: Val Bondasca
    Altitude: 2118m
    Route: From “Laret” above “Bondo” in Valbondasca 1330m
    Time: 2 hours
  • Opening period: 1st of July to 30th September
    Owner: CAS Sez. Hoher Rohn
    Keeper: Bruno Hofmeister - Bondo. Tel. 0041- 81-82.21.164
    Refuge telephone: +41-81-822138
    Places: 42
    Winter room places: 10
    Climbs and excursions: Sciora group, Cengalo, Piz Badile
    Email: none

    The ref. Albigna.
    refuge Albigna

    Refuge Albigna

    Area: Valle Albigna
    Altitude: 2331m
    Route: From cable car station of “Pranzaira” 2163m
    Time: 30 minutes
    Difficulty: E
  • Opening period: 1st of July to 15th September
    Owner: CAS Sez. Hoher Rohn
    Keeper: Ruedi Sperb Buckstrasse 1 8820 Wädenswil Tel. +41-447806182 ruedi@sperb.ch
    Refuge telephone: +41-81-8221405
    Places: 90
    Winter room places: 25
    Climbs and excursions: All the summits that surround the Valle Albigna
    Email: albigna@bluewin.ch

    The Molteni-Valsecchi bivouac.
    bivouac Molteni-Valsecchi

    Bivouac Molteni-Valsecchi

    Area: Valle del Ferro (Val di Mello)
    Altitude: 2510m
    Route: From S.Martino in Valmasino 923m
    Time: 4 hours
    Difficulty: E
  • Opening period: All year long
    Owner: CAI Sezione di Como Tel. +39-031264177
    Keeper: none
    Places: 9
    Climbs: Pizzi del Ferro
    -Sentiero Roma
    -Refuge Gianetti across "Passo del Camerozzo" 2876m (EE 2/3 hours)
    -Refuge Allievi across "Passo Qualido" 2647m (EE 4 hours)

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