Pizzo Stella or Martschenspitz

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Pizzo Stella or Martschenspitz
Created On: Sep 14, 2008
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geographical classification -> Lepontine Alps -> Ticino ( Formazza Valley) -> Pizzo Stella or Martschenspitz

On the ridge between Italy and Switzerland (Canton Ticino), descending from the important summit of Basodino several little known mountains, one of them is the Pizzo Stella or Martschenspitz 2688 m.
Is located at the beginning of Formazza Valley and, to the Swiss side, just above of village of Bosco Gurin, the only Walser language enclave in Tessin.
The Walser colonizers entering from Formazza passing through the Passo di Bosco or Guriner Furka 2323 m in 13th century; the pass is located at the beginning of south-west ridge of Pizzo Stella.
But perhaps the most interesting reason to go here is located in the west side of the mountain, the beautiful little Lake Superiore 2254 m.

Getting There

From Italy :
Val d'Ossola -> Valle Antigorio -> Val Formazza -> Fondovalle 1220 m.

From Switzerland :
Valle Maggia -> Cevio -> Valle di Bosco -> Bosco Gurin 1503 m.

Map :
CNS 275 Antigorio


Swiss side : from Bosco Gurin to the Capanna Grossalp 1950 m after you reach both Pass of Hender Furggu and Guriner Furka in about 1 hour following a signed routes.

Italy side : starting at village of Fondovalle (Stafelwald) 1220 m following the signed route reach the ruines of Alpe Stavelli (Staffelalp) 1594 m and after a forest of larch, at 2000 m found a fork, continue to the left of the little river, going to a steep slope just before the Lake Superiore 2254 m continue to the left until the Hender Furggu Pass at 2419 m. about 3 hours.

For the Passo di Bosco or Guriner Furka, you follow the signed route to the right, arrived at fork at 2000 m just before the pass, there is a little lake. about 3 hours from Fondovalle.

To the summit :

The usual route start from the Hendar Furggu Pass 2419 m in less than one hour without difficulties following the north-east ridge EE
Starting from Bosco Gurin wend to the summit to the east ridge without going to the pass. E

More interesting is the south-west ridge, a little more difficult (max II°), about one hour; first ascent in 1929 by Swiss guards.
The start is at Passo di Bosco or Guriner Furka 2323 m easy up to the secondary summit where you find an exposed rock ridge, diverting to the west flanck becomes less difficult, and after by easy rocks, you reach the summit. F+


Is a typical one day trip.

Severals Hotels in Formazza valley and a camping places also; one is located at the village of Fondovalle at the start of the trip from Italy.

External Links

More photos of my trip of the mountain :
south-west ridge to north-east ridge HERE

Walser Museum in Bosco Gurin : Walserhaus