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Posted by himalayaguides
on Sep 27, 2009

Ice climbing in Nepal oin 2009 & 2010

1884 miles

Activity Location: Nepal, Nepal  Date: Anytime

Himalaya Guides MD Mountain Guides Tshering Pande Bhote happy to announce those who like to do ice climbing in nepal. we do offer Ice climbing in Nepal. visit www.himalayaguides.com

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Posted by rtkr
on Feb 26, 2016

Numbur Cheese trek plato and Mera peak

1884 miles

Activity Location: Nepal, Nepal  Date: After Oct 10, 2016

Numbur cheese trek is very easy. The only difficult thing is acclimatisation. You will need to climb 4000 in 2 days. 8 hour from Kathmandu by bus to Jiri, no special permit. The highest point is 4...

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Posted by AdamsKerr
on Feb 28, 2010

Want to climb in Himalaya/Karakoram

1884 miles

Activity Location: Himalayas, Nepal  Date: Anytime

have spent the past years climbing in the rockies, san juans and cascades and am heading up Denali in a few months. However, have always had bigger dreams and am eager to climb in the Himalaya or K...

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Posted by Brian
on Dec 6, 2012

Trekking in Nepal

1884 miles

Activity Location: Nepal, Nepal  Date: Anytime

Looking for trekking partners for one or two treks in the Annapurna and Everest regions in Nepal. March/April 2013.

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Posted by jefferson100
on Mar 14, 2011

Partners for 2012 Everest Climb (South Col)

1902 miles

Activity Location: Nepal / Mt. Everest  Date: Anytime

2012 Mt. Everest Expedition (South Col). This is a non-profit expedition scheduled for March 26 to May 31, 2012. We will have full support (e.g. high altitude sherpa, oxygen, etc). We currently ...

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Posted by mcy111
on Mar 8, 2007

Everest expedition North Side autumn 2007

1955 miles

Activity Location: Mount Everest  Date: Anytime

Good day, I intend to climb Everest this Autumn(2007) from the North Side (Tibet North Col Route).Is there anyone else interested in the same idea? The main reason is, I suffer of allergic asthma i...

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Posted by clintkaul
on Dec 8, 2017

Climbing Agrihan Mountain in Northern Marianas

2080 miles

Activity Location: Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands  Date: May 23, 2018 through Jun 10, 2018

Hello, In 2015, John, Roger and I organized a trip to the Northern Marianas Islands. The goal was to summit Agrihan (Agrigan) - the highest point in this US territory. Unfortunately, we were unsu...

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Posted by polo30
on Jul 24, 2007

Mt.Kedardome expedition(22840ft)in India

2182 miles

Activity Location: State of Uttaranchal, India  Date: After Sep 15, 2007

Myself & one of my friend are planning to climb Mt.Kedardome in Month of sept this year. If anybody is interested to join with us may contact with me.

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Posted by chrissn
on May 7, 2009

India-Ladakh looking for partners

2227 miles

Activity Location: Ladakh Plateau, India  Date: After Oct 08, 2009

I'm looking for partners for trekking in Ladakh. I plan to fly to India around 10.08 and fly back about half of September. I have no fixed plans about route of my trekking and I'm open to any sugge...

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Posted by himalayson
on Feb 12, 2007


2228 miles

Activity Location: Bandarpoonch  Date: Mar 30, 2018 through May 01, 2018

Bandarpoonch 21,720' ,Unclimbed route on the western edge of the high Himalayas. Intermediate snow skills, needs to be in good shape. This is my backyard. Approximately $2200 from usa! See my Summi...

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Posted by highhimalayas
on Jul 8, 2012

Kalindi khal Trek Sept. 2012

2232 miles

Activity Location: Uttarkashi, India  Date: Anytime

Hi, we are planning to do the Kalindi Khal trek (19678 ft), sometime (around 26th) in August 2012. Anybody else planning at around the same time?

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Posted by shoummo71
on Jul 29, 2011

Stok Kangri in September.

2287 miles

Activity Location: Ladakh Range, India  Date: Anytime

Hello, I am going to climb Stok Kangri. This is a wonderful peak. I speacially choose it for its massive height 6137 m (20135 feet). And first of all it’s a trekking peak. My plan to start from L...

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Steve Pritchard

Posted by Steve Pritchard
on Jun 5, 2007

Northern India/ Delhi climbing partners

2299 miles

Activity Location: New Delhi, India  Date: Anytime

I am looking for partners to discover the rock/snow/ice climbing/ trekking/ skiing etc. with in Uttarkhand and Himchal Pradesh over the next 2 years. I lead climb at entry level (about 5-4), seco...

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Posted by pilgrim
on Aug 4, 2011

Climbing partner needed - September (India)

2321 miles

Activity Location: Ladakh  Date: Anytime

Hi, I leave for the Himalayas in 10 days. Will be trekking in to Ladakh through Zanskar - not the well-beaten trail, but one that goes through lesser frequented areas (phugtal-tantak-shade-niri sum...

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Posted by Rusnborg
on Mar 13, 2012

2012 Kazbek-june, Lenin peak-july, KhanTengri-aug

2339 miles

Activity Location: Khan-Tengry  Date: Anytime

Hi! I am mountain guide. I am organization expedition to national park Ala-Archa - Ak- Sai valley (training, climbing and mountaineering) - may 2012, Kazbek (classic route from Gorgia) - june ...

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Posted by HonzaStedry
on Mar 5, 2012

Khan Tengri or Pik Lenin

2339 miles

Activity Location: Khan Tangiri Shyngy, Kazakhstan  Date: Anytime

Hi looking for partner to climb Khan Tengri and Pik Lenin this year 2012 season. My plan is to be in Kyrgyzstan around June and start to train. My idea is do it without mountaineering company as ...

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Posted by Leap
on Jun 7, 2006

Trip Leaders Wanted

2369 miles

Activity Location: India, India  Date: Anytime

Hi. We have some extremely cool jobs available for the right people. We have an organization that sets up semesters and internships abroad. We hire experienced travelers to guide our students th...

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Posted by JP
on Jan 28, 2016

Expedition to Nun (7135 meters) Indian Himalayas

2399 miles

Activity Location: Nunkun, India  Date: Jun 01, 2018 through Jul 31, 2018

Dates are tentative of course. Can be finalised once the team is in place. This is a... Guided expedition to Nun or Kun (in indian himalayas in tbe state of kashmir) planned in june-july 2018. In t...

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Posted by Iqbalasko
on Dec 2, 2010


2436 miles

Activity Location: Skardu, Pakistan  Date: Anytime

EXPEDITION WE OFFER NANGA PARBAT: Other names - Dimir Peak Elevation - 8125 meter Location - Himalayas- Chilas Gilgi...

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Hussain balti

Posted by Hussain balti
on Feb 1, 2013

K2 Base Camp Via Gondogoro Pass Trek 2013

2437 miles

Activity Location: skardu  Date: Anytime

PILGRAMAGE TO HIGH HEAVENS K2 CIRCULAR TREK (20 DAYS) The opening of the (5650m) high Gondogoro LA adds a new dimension to the magnificent K2 Trek, making it possible to return via beautiful Hushe ...

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