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Posted by Lawrence
on Mar 24, 2010

Croatia, Paklenice

5972 miles

Activity Location: Lawrence  Date: Anytime

Hi Iam looking for a Partner for Croatia, i have a week off for Easter, and another week off May 6th. I lead 6c and would like to do a few of the longer routes. If anyone is interested give me a be...

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Posted by Lawrence
on Jul 8, 2009

Chamonix partner wanted

5974 miles

Activity Location: Krakow  Date: Anytime

HI iam looking for a climbing partner for August, for long routes in CHamonix. I have all the gear just need someone who wants to go up multipich routes. My interest is in rockclimbing not mountain...

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Posted by hanusiak
on Aug 15, 2010

Austrian Alps above 3000m during weekends

6021 miles

Activity Location: Bratislava, Slovakia  Date: Anytime

I am searching for partners who would be interested to go for a short weekend trips into Austrian Alps. I am mostly interested in summits above 3000 m for example Grossvenediger, Wildspitze, WeissK...

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Posted by gitrinec
on Dec 11, 2017

Climbing in the Tatras March 2018

6026 miles

Activity Location: Vysoke Tatry, Slovakia  Date: Anytime

Looking to do some Alpine Climbing in the Tatra's in March 2018

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Posted by Pablohoney
on Oct 12, 2012


6034 miles

Activity Location: Slovenia, Slovenia  Date: Anytime

Transplant form Colorado to Slovenia for the next year. Looking for climbing/hiking partners.

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Posted by carline
on Feb 25, 2008

Anyone for hiking in Slovenia?

6034 miles

Activity Location: Slovenia, Slovenia  Date: Anytime

I'm presently posted in Croatia, but I spent a lot of time in Slovenia. Anybody to go hiking there?

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Posted by HonzaStedry
on May 12, 2012

Climbing Triglav from 13 till 20 June

6042 miles

Activity Location: Triglav, Slovenia  Date: Anytime

Hi, lets climb N face of Triglav via rout Bavarska IV+, hitch hike to Mojstrana as well as to Aljuž hut and next day climb. Climbing gear necessary as harness, helmet, climbing shoes and cams. If ...

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Posted by Kristin5berry
on Feb 15, 2011


6050 miles

Activity Location: Bled, Slovenia  Date: Anytime

I want to get back to the Slovenian Alps to climb Triglav. There are many ways to accomplish this, I'm open to many routes, some technical is fun and moderatly challenging. The huts on this mountai...

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Posted by Steff-
on Oct 19, 2006


6059 miles

Activity Location: Provincia de Mendoza, Argentina  Date: Anytime

Looking for people that will be in Argentina in January 2007 to climb any mountain, could be in Mendoza, San Juan, Catamarca or La Rioja... in any of this places.... please contact me soon..

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Posted by thomaskeefer
on Dec 18, 2008

Alps, Apuane Alps, 4000m Peaks

6075 miles

Activity Location: Alpi Apuane, Italy  Date: Anytime

I am an American living in Italy for a while near La Spezia. I would like to make some of the classic ski tours of the alps (1-3 days) in hopes of doing the Haute route this spring. I would also li...

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Posted by White Lightning
on May 6, 2009

Alps, Dolomites, Mont Blanc, Provence

6094 miles

Activity Location: Castel Guelfo di Bologna, Italy  Date: Anytime

My name is Matt and I am looking for climbing partners. I am American living in Bologna studying Italian. Not sure where, but I will be in Europe until sometime in the fall. I don't have any pla...

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Posted by huba
on May 17, 2009

Climbing/Skiing in Europe

6106 miles

Activity Location: Budapest, Hungary  Date: Anytime

After over a decade in CA I am back in Europe, in Hungary now for at least a couple of years. I am looking for partners to climb and back country ski in Europe (Tatras, Alps, etc.) Weekends, but I...

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Posted by carline
on Aug 17, 2015

hiking trips from Bucharest

6194 miles

Activity Location: Romania, Romania  Date: Anytime

Hiking trips from Bucharest, most often during the WE

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Posted by dearjulian
on Mar 26, 2012

frequent hikes

6273 miles

Activity Location: Bilbor, Romania  Date: Anytime


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Posted by busybeealex
on Mar 15, 2008

hiker in croatia looking for partners

6277 miles

Activity Location: Croatia, Croatia  Date: Anytime

Canadian living in Croatia, looking for hiking partners to accompany me on hikes, research for editorial, possibly share car/rentals. but most importantly share t he vistas! I will be here all spri...

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Posted by trajektman
on Nov 1, 2009

Island Vis

6298 miles

Activity Location: Otok Vis, Croatia  Date: Anytime

Will go from Split to Vis (check http://www.trajekti.info/ ) Island Vis, the beauty of limpid waters and protected submarine world rich with sunken ships and magic marine images that has been hidde...

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Posted by dharold
on Jun 25, 2010

Patagonia, Bariloche oct/nov 2010

6321 miles

Activity Location: San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina  Date: Anytime

hey climbers... i'll be in in Bariloche doing spanish intensive this october and november and would love to find some folks for some fun climbing, treking, food, brews and laughs. i'm 32, live in ...

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Posted by CGabrielli
on Oct 4, 2011

South America Partners 2011/12

6355 miles

Activity Location: Patagonia  Date: Anytime

Heading to South America for 6 months solo and looking for partners to get into the mountains with... I'm mostly geared towards trekking although i'll be taking crampons, axe, and harness, as well ...

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Posted by SiggiSoleyjar
on Jun 25, 2009

Looking for Mountaineers based in Argentina

6451 miles

Activity Location: Buenos Aires  Date: Anytime

Hi guys, I am always looking for partners to journey with and do a bit of mountaineering. I do a lot of solo trips, out of necessity more than interest – because the true nomad is a rare animal....

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Posted by matilda
on Oct 6, 2009

Trekking in Taiwan dec 2009 (& alps always)

6469 miles

Activity Location: Taiwan, Taiwan  Date: After Dec 15, 2009

Hi, I'll be in Taiwan in december 2009 and want to trek there (Jade Mountain or shei-pa national park, but I'm flexible with the trekking location, as long as it is in taiwan:)). If anyone happens ...

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