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Denali / Zermatt / Aconcagua - 2008 2009


Posted by Global_09 on Mar 18, 2006
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Activity Details

Date: Anytime
Location: New York, United States
City or Place: Lake Placid
Skill Level: Intermediate
Categories: Ice Climbing, Mountaineering
Partner Status: Need Partners


My Plans

2008 - Aconcagua, Argentina - December 27 - January 18. Would like to do the Polish Direct or Polish Variant if possible. Looking for partners. Preferably one to two people. I will be useing INCA Expeditions for logistics such as mules and transport to and from the mountain, but the rest of the expedition will be planned by myself. (these plans are very open, nothing has been booked yet)

2009 - Denali, Alaska - I was forced to cancel my 2008 attempt because of issues with getting partners. I am open to build or join a team. I would like to climb the West Buttress or West Rib. Early May ideally. I also think it nessesary that the team climb together befor the Alaska trip. In the Spring 2008 I completed AAI's 8 Day Denali Prep Course and would be willing to send my evaluation to any team leader.

2010 - Anything in the Alps. Looking for a long term climbing partner in the UK as I will soon be moving out there.

* Please send me a PM if any of the above interest you. I do not check this posting often*


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Chachani is a snowy choss pile. I'd recommend skipping climbing in that area and spending more time in the Blancas. I climbed Chachani after Vallunaraju--what a let down.
Posted Mar 20, 2006 8:40 pm

carldZermatt Aug7-Aug18


I am interested in climbing the Matterhorn and or Wetterhorn this summer. I will be visiting my daughter in Germany Aug 5 to Aug 21. I have climbed 25 of the CO 14ers, and last year climbed Rainier via Emmons, Grand Teton via upper Exum, Longs via old cable route, and Pico De Orizaba in Mexico solo and I currently lead 5.7 trad. I will be working in CA in June and plan to rent a car and climb Hood on the 18th and on the way back Shasta, for which I am looking for climbing partners otherwise I think I'll be OK by myself and everyone else that is up there.

My e-mail is c-devendorf@raytheon.com .
Carl Devendorf
Posted Mar 22, 2006 8:21 pm

ThmueZermatt August (4th-20th)
Hello Carl,
I am interested in Schaliridge to Weisshorn, Obergabelhorn from Arbenbivaouc, Dom-Täschhorn traverse, Zinalrothorn SW-ridge etc. I climb mixed routes with pitches up to V. I am also interested in classic ice routes like Lenzspitze or Lyskam but here my level is basic.
Please mail to thxpg4@web.de
Posted Mar 24, 2006 8:49 am

eigerkidd1Cordilera Blanca


I will be in the Cordillera Blanca this summer (mid-June to mid-July). I'm interested in climbing Ishinca and Vallunaraju as well, among some other peaks down there. Let me know if you plan on being there about the same time.
Posted Mar 30, 2006 12:43 am

Global_09Re: Cordilera Blanca


Sorry but I will not be in Peru this year. I will instead be in Zermatt for most of August. I have postponed my Peru trip for 2007
Posted Apr 1, 2006 8:08 pm



I'll be in Slovenia from July 24-August 20th. If you're still looking for a partner I'd be interested in talking. I've spent a fair amount of time around Mt. Blanc, but havn't hit Zermatt yet and was hoping to catch a weekend up there if I can find someone to climb with.
Posted Apr 22, 2006 9:26 pm

I'm planning a climb of denali in May 2008. I'm solo at the moment but i'm looking for a partner. I have all the permits. Arriving in anchorage the 10 of may and leaving 5 of june. The plan is west buttres but I'm open for other routes.
Posted Feb 29, 2008 12:16 pm

KurlanaiDenali 2009


I'm also planning on climbing Denali next spring (May/June). My other 2 potential climbing partners backed out, leaving me solo. I was planning the West Buttress route. Are you still looking to build a team?
Posted Jun 27, 2008 2:47 pm

zinger218Re: Denali 2009


I'm planning a Denali May/June trip as well...looking for partners. I may have a potential leader set up. He's a rescue guide on Denali and I recently met him in Russia climbing Elbrus. Anyway he said that if I could manage forming a small group, that he would consider doing a climb next year. I'm thinking the cost would definetely be more favourable than the current 5000+ it costs. Let me know if you're possibly interested or if you have any other ideas.
Posted Jul 23, 2008 3:15 pm

I'm in the process of planning a trip to Aconcagua. I am interested in talking about your current plans. I have similar goals but different dates. If you like to discuss please send me an email. Christopher.mayville@gmail.com

Posted Jul 27, 2008 3:23 pm



Are you still looking for partners for Aconcagua in December? If so, I might be game. Let me know...

Posted Aug 20, 2008 9:32 pm

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