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Hiking partner wanted.


Posted by shin on Sep 19, 2006
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Activity Details

Date: Anytime
City or Place: Delaware Water Gap or Adirandacks
Skill Level: Advanced
Categories: Biking, Hiking, Mountaineering
Partner Status: Want Partners


I am planning to take a trip in October for the Delaware Water Gap Park or Adirondacks Park.
Seeking a hiking buddy for safety and company.

My pace is fairly on the "enjoy the scenic view" and "lets take a water break" kind of pace.
Just two or three days.

I pack fairly heavy so if you want to bring the kitchen sink I understand.

I have been hiking all my life. Just recently getting into some light climbing.
I also cycle. I am a trained/experienced emergency medical tech and a outdoor survivalist.

I have gears galore, so if your short on something I most likely have a spare.

Dogs are welcomed.

Male or female any age. I dont care if your the leader or if I am as long as we have some plan.
It would be great if I can learn something new from a experienced mountaineer, but if your new and I am the teacher thats fine also.

I prefer if no hunting is done... fishing is fine.


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Sunny Bunsnice hiking trail
I went by myself on a very nice 7 mile day-hike in Pennsylvania. It was west of Wilkes-Barre, in Ricketts Glen state park. I hiked the 7 mile loop trail called the Falls Trail. There were 22 waterfalls on the loop. Very scenic. Unfortunately I did it in November or December and the trail was slick and icy near the waterfalls where it is also very steep. People have been killed there by slipping over the edge. So, try to go before it freezes up too much.

Here is my wisdom on dogs. Dogs are our pals but dogs are not the pals of bears. If a dog finds a bear the bear will chase the dog back to the owner. Then you've got a problem. That's just one reason to keep dogs on a leash. The other is so they don't go pooping all over the woods and polluting the water. I'd say keep them at home unless you want to keep them on a leash and pack out their poop. Also, they may chase squirrels, rabbits and other wildlife. The wildlife has a hard enough time without dogs chasing them.
Here is a website for the trails in Ricketts Glen state park. Scroll down to see info on the Falls Trail. I'll bet they'll have nice fall colors soon, if not already...........
Posted Oct 8, 2006 5:26 am

coolhandgatsby3-4 day hike


I'm planning a short backpacking trip in the Catskills during the foliage peak. I'd like to do the Devils Path trail from east to west & I think it can be done in three days but I'll err on the side of four. It'll be a shuttle hike--not a loop.

I'll probably have some other people going. I just got back from 5 days in the Adirondack on a backpack that included Noonmark, Dix, south around Elk Lake & the the Great Range.

Our pace in the Catskills should be fairly casual & the company pretty chill.

Happy Hiking
Posted Jul 20, 2009 10:32 pm

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