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Indoor Climbing Partner, No Membership Required


Posted by Bozly on Aug 3, 2007
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Activity Details

Date: Anytime
City or Place: Alameda
Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Categories: Mountaineering, Rock Climbing
Partner Status: Want Partners


OK, I built a wall in my shop that's about 27 to 35 feet tall depending where on the wall you are. I've figured out a pretty cool self belay gig and I climb on it every day, problem is, it's much more fun climbing with someone. It's my shop and I make my own schedule, dictated by customers of course, (not retail customers) and would love to have someone to workout with.
If your close to Alameda and want to workout on a climbing wall for free a few days a week, drop me a line and let's see if we can set something up. Late in the afternoon works good with me but I also get there @ day break so that could work too.
Of course, getting on the real stuff is the goal and if we can do some trips, all the better.


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