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May/June 2013, Ski Cascade Volcanoes

Posted by Cody Finke on Apr 26, 2013
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Date: Anytime
City or Place: Wilson, WY
Skill Level: Intermediate
Categories: Mountaineering, Skiing
Partner Status: Want Partners


I am planning on skiing the Cascade Ring of Fire starting in early May. I will go south to north starting at Lassen and finishing (hopefully) in Early June with Mount Baker.

I currently live and ski in the Tetons where I do 15000-20000 vert a week. I consider myself an expert skier and an intermediate/advanced ski mountaineer. I am very comfortable with glacier travel, crevasse rescue, moving with general mountaineering ice axe/crampons. I am open to partners for any or all of the mountains below and I am especially looking for people who are willing to come on an easy peak with me first so we can get used to each other as a partner before attempting anything too hard. (dates are HIGHLY variable due to weather and snow conditions). I am communicative, and VERY willing to turn back if conditions look unsafe.

Start ~May 6
May 6: Camp at Lassen Peak
May 7: Climb Lassen Peak via the South/Southeast Face, Ski Descent via ascent route (2000 ft ascent) Camp at Mount Shasta Wilderness Area
May 8: Climb Mount Shasta via Avalanche Gulch, Ski Descent via ascent route, (7300 ft ascent)
Camp at Door Knob Snowmobile Park
May 9: Climb Mount Hoffman via South Flank, ski descent via same route, (2500 ft ascent) Camp at sky lakes wilderness
May 10: Climb Mount McLoughlin via the East Ridge, ski descent via ascent route, (3900 ft ascent) Camp at Winema national forest
May 11: Climb Pelican Butte via the Northeast Bowls, ski down the same route, (3800 ft ascent) Camp in crater lake national park
May 12: (rest day) hike to crater lake rim and attempt to get some turns on what used to be mount Mazama (1000 ft ascent) Camp at Diamond Lake
May 13: Climb Mount Bailey via southeast face, ski descent the same route (Ascent 3200ft) Camp at Diamond Lake.
May 14: Climb Mount Thielsen via the southwest bowl to the base of the fifth class summit pinnacle. Ski descent via the same route (3700 ft ascent) Camp at Diamond Lake
May 15: Climb Diamond Peak via the West Ridge/SW face and descend via the same route (3700ft of ascent) Camp at Newberry National Volcanic Monument
May 16: Climb Newberry Volcano via Paulina Peak Road Ski Descent perpendicular to road (1600 ft of ascent) Camp at Mount Bachelor Ski Area
May 17: (rest day) Buy a lift ticket and ski mount bachelor and ascend mount Bachelor via the chairlift! (0ft manpower ascent) Camp in the three sisters wilderness area at Todd Lake
May 18: Ascend Broken Top Mountain via the South Ridge SW face and descend via the same route (2700 ft of ascent) Camp at Devil’s lake
May 19: Three sisters traverse! Ascend North Sister via south face, southeast ridge and descend via the southwest ridge, ascend middle sister via the northwest face and descend via the southeast ridge of the Hayden Glacier, ascend south sister via the north ridge and descend via the south ridge (9000 ft vertical)
May 20: REST DAY, location TBA, camp at Mount Washington Wilderness Area
May 21: Climb Mount Washington via the North Ridge and ski descent via the northwest bowl (5900 ft of vertical) Camp at Three Fngered Jack trailhead
May 22: Ascend Three fingered jack via the south ridge and descend via the southwest bowl (5900 ft of ascent)
May 23: Rest Day, Camp at mount Jefferson
May 24: Climb Mount Jefferson via the Whitewater Glacier and descend via the same route (5900 ft of ascent), Camp at Timberline Lodge at the Mount Hood Ski Area
May 25: Climb Mount Hood by taking the chairlift from the timberline lodge to the base of Palmer Glacier, Ascend via Palmer Glacier and descend via the same route (Ascent, 1500 ft) Camp at Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument
May 26: Climb Mount St Helens via Monitor Ridge ski descent the same route (4500 ft ascent) camp at Mount Adams
May 27: Climb Mount Adams via the South Rib, ski descent via the same route (6700 feet of ascent)
May 28: Rest Day in Seattle, Camp at Goat Rocks Wilderness
May 29: Climb Mount Curtis Gilbert via the Conrad Glacier, (Ascent 4300 ft)
May 30: Rest Day In Seattle, Camp at Paradise on Mount Rainier
May 31: Climb Mount Rainier via the Disappointment Cleaver and ski the same route (Ascent 9000 ft)
June 1: Rest day in Seattle/(skin to the base of Glacier Peak?) Camp at North Cascades national Park
June 2: Climb Glacier Peak via the Sitkum Glacier, ski the same route (8300 ft ascent) Camp at Mount Baker
June 3: Rest Day In Bellingham, WA!
June 4: Climb Mount Baker via the Easton Glacier and return to Bellingham WA (7600 ft of elevation gain)
June 6: weather day?
June 7:weather day?
June 8:weather day?
June 9:weather day?
June 10:weather day?
... I a free thru june so things might take a while depending on weather


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