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Tehran, Iran, Asia
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Created On: Jan 26, 2002
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I'm not a professional rock climber and I haven't climbed this cliff, this page was for adoption for a along time so I gathered some more information and tried to save the page !
The last owner was named
shaghayegh group.
You can find great pictures of Pol-e-Khab and some other rock climbing areas of Iran at this link :
[RockClimbing.com->User neocoro]
some of the photos I used on this page are the original links to neocoro's pictures at RockClimbing web site so click on them to see the original site, picture and voting areas...

RockClimbing.com->User neocoro->This is vahid asgari on Ghadsar route


Click for Introduction to Central Alborz Mountains

Pol-e-Khab also written as PoleKhab or Pole Khab is the name of a famous climbing cliff about 35Km north to Karaj city with the top height of 2350m, and about 200m top-down height.
Profile of the climbing rocks are sedimentary rocks about 20 to 150 meters. The cliff is on the eastern side of  Khuan-Kahar(3378m).

There are several 20 to 150 meters opened routs in various degree of hardness from moderately hard to very hard on the cliff named as :  Parastouha, Karajiha, Shaghayegh(5.12), Davoudi, Iran(5.13 b), Shirin(5.10d),... climbing the routes will varies from 3 hours to a long day depending on the hardness of the route being climbed. The routes are solid, secure and safe being set up by fixed protections like rolls.

Driving about 30+Km on Karaj-Chalous road you will enter the Karaj dam area the tunnels and road beside the dam lake is about 8~10Km long and some very steep to vertical tall rocky slopes cover the whole west side of the road the summits of this slopes look impressive but they are all about of under 2500m high and seem to be un-named and not being climbed, but at the end part of the trail at the small Pol-e-Khab village there is this cliff named Pol-e-Khab which is the taste of many Iranian rock climbers.

About 15 minutes walking from Karaj-Chalous road toward the cliff, you will reach the base ! then you can climb or camp.
There are several restaurants, small food stores and private or renting villas around the road and near to Pol-e-Khab.

RockClimbing.com->User neocoro->This is vahid asgari on Ghadsar route

About Iran and Tehran
[I added this section to give a small glance to people who want to travel to Iran]

Iran is high plane hosting two vast ranges of mountains Alborz and Zagros including hundreds of 4000+m summits. Even taught there are two big deserts in the middle of Iran still it's been said 3/4 of the plane is covered by mountains, there are still lots of 4000+m and 3000+m outside the Alborz and Zagros ranges scattered all over the Iran plane like Kerman mountains and Taftan volcano, the weather varies from dry hot to mountain conditions and to the thick green lush and humidity of the north Caspian sea coast.
The behavior of Iranians is friendly and they are helpful to foreign people from Europe and America (this friendly behaves may no be applied to Arabs), you can quickly make a friend who would be glad to guide you and stay beside you and invite you to his/her home.

The pipe-supplied and mineral water and food served in restaurants and supplied from stores is safe (avoid food from road sellers in downtown).

Security is granted by the police, there are two kind of polices in Iran the green ones and the blue ones, blue is only for traffic control, greens are for security and criminal matters.

Alcoholic drinks are forbidden in Iran, Christians won't be punished for carrying, anyway most people use drinks in their house and parties illegally and they have their own illegal alcohol suppliers who supply drinks from Iranian native drinks to Russian and western drinks, if you needed drinks you can easily find it illegally.


Getting There

A cool shot on the road near Pol-e-Khab ! RockClimbing.com->User neocoro->A rock climber tired of climbing rocks!

From Tehran:
Tehran -> Karaj (by a 30Km highway) -> when the highway reaches Karaj take the first north branch and enter the Karaj-Chalous road.
Drive about 35Km on the Karaj-Chalous road, after by passing Amirkabir/Karaj dam a sign with "Pole Khab" written on it shows that you hare reached Pol-e-Khab village, the cliff is at the east side of Karaj/Chalous road (left to the road when driving from Tehran to Chalous).


Red Tape / Camping

The whole Alborz mountains area and it's wild nature is a protected place, hunting, fishing and abusing the nature is prohibited
No fees of permission is required for climbing or camping, no water source if camping under the cliff, so take enough water.
As you see the dam the nearby river called Karaj river is a main source of Tehran's water supply so littering it is not pleasant.

When To Climb

Best Spring and autumn
Photography Spring, winter and autumn
Summer Dry with moderate weather sometimes hot
Winter Cold weather makes the climbing harder

Mountain Conditions




Summer: Direct sunshine may not be pleasant
Winter: Downfalls are snow and the weather is cold specially at nights


End trail of Karaj dam lake, near Pol-e-Kab village.