Polinik (Kreuzeckgroup)

Polinik (Kreuzeckgroup)

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Location Lat/Lon: 46.89000°N / 13.16000°E
Additional Information Elevation: 9133 ft / 2784 m
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The Polinik is the highest summit in the Kreuzeckgroup, the Kreuzeckgroup is situated at the south border of the Hohe Tauern National park, Just below the Ankogelgroup. The Kreuzeckgroup is easier to climb than Glockner or Ankogelgroup cause the mountains are less high and less steep. But still this is a beautifull mountaingroup with lots of very nice summits, from witch the view towards the highest mountains of Austria is incredible.
Still this part of Austria isn't overloaded with people in the high season. So you can climb almost every mountain in this group without seeing anyone.
This mountain is most climbed from the Mölltal side, you start in Obervellach and first acsent to the Polinikhütte, 3h later you can be at the summit. It isn't a difficult climb but still it isn't such easy as the most mountains in this group.
It's also possible to climb this mountain in a trekking through the Kreuzeckgroup, the summit of Kreuzeck 2701m and Polinik 2784m are situated between the Feldnerhütte and Polinikhütte. But this is a 10h walk and sometimes not as easy if you would think.
The 2 other routes go from Flattach (also in the Mölltal) and fromTeuchl (this is a little village in the south of the Mölltal).
This both routes are most used for descent.

How starting to climb the Polinik?

- Starting from Obervellach (normal route) it's a 3,5h acsent till you're on the Polinikhütte (1873m), but it's possible to drive with a car till 1100m. from there you'll still need 2,5h till the hut. The hut is situated at the south of Obervellach on the 'Stamferalm' and is a alpineclub hut. From there it's a short distance so steep climb till the summit of Polinik, you'll need something like 3h from hut till summit.
For the descent back you have the choice between all 4 routes,
-you can go the normal way back (this is the shortest but less intresting)
-you can go the trekking way to the next (Feldnerhütte) hut, this is a long but very nice trip over 2 of the 3 highest summits in the Kreuzeckgroup. After climbing Pollinik you also have to climb Kreuzeck, before you can, reach the Feldnerhut. (10h walk)
- you can go down towards Flattach, this is a very nice way back cause you have to walk through 'Raggaschlucht' then. Raggaschlucht is a waterfall between some beautifull crevasses, and cause there are stairs of wood to follow the fall. This is really a thing that you'll have to do while you're in that region, something to never forget. For this route you'll need around 5 h from the summit till the village Flattach.
- The last way down goes toward Teuchl, also a 5 h walk from summit but alot harder then the 3 other routes.

- Starting the climb from the Drautal (witch is situated southly of the Mölltal) you first have to go till Feldnerhütte. From there it's the opposite way as from Pollinik to Feldner-hut.
How to get to the Feldnerhütte you can reed on the mountain page of the Kreuzeck

Getting There

By car :

Driving on the highway Villach/Salzburg you have to take the exit Lienz/Millstat/Lendorf that's at the north of Spitall. Then you have to drive in the direction of Lienz and after 8Km you have to follow the marks "Grossglockner" and "Möllbrücke" Now you're driving through the Mölltal, you're passing some village as there are Möllbrucke and Mühldorf. After 30Km you will drive into the village Obervellach.

If you're coming from Lienz just follow the marks Mallnitz untill you're in Obervellach,

Both routes are on the waynumber 101

By Train:

Take a IC train till Mallnitz or Spittal or Lienz, from there it goes with locale trains till the railway station in Kolbnitz or Mallnitz. This is the closest you can get.
I don't think there is a trainstation in Obervellach. (But I'm not sure about that, just ask in the station of Spittal or Lienz)

Red Tape

No red tape

When To Climb

Normaly the mountain can only be climbed in sommer.
But as each mountain of these hight it's also possible to climb it the whole year through. But then you must have lots of experience.


There is a camping in each village in the Mölltal, for a camping in Obervellach just check the link.

Mountain Conditions

The website of ; www.Obervellach.at

Austrian Alpinclub website : www.Oeav.at

Polinikhut tel : 0043 / (0) 664/210 56 12

Feldnerhut tel : 0043 / (0) 4712/790



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