Poqueira Valley

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Poqueira Valley
Created On: Jun 29, 2006
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On the southern side of the Sierra Nevada is the Poqueira valley.

A third of the way up its slopes from the valley floor sits 3 villages: Poqueira (1148m), Bubión (1300m) and Capileira (1462m). It is from this last village that this beautiful sieries of walks are possible, which each work as good routes up to the Poqueira refuge.

The are many options, which I will describe here, which include: following the river; hiking above it and following the Acquecia (aqueduct) on the western side; and following the acquecia on the eastern side.

These lead to the Poqueira Refuge at 2500m. From here this route joins with others to the summit. Each of these routes will make for enjoyable walks on their own.

Getting There

Buses run from Granada to Capileira several times a day.

Joris provides good directions here

Route Description

As always (in good weather), leaving the village of Capileira will probably be the hardest navigational issue.

1. Through the valley.
Capileira (1462m) to the Poqueira Refuge (2500m)

Just outside and towards the top of the village, to the west of the Hotel Rural, there is a track way leading upwards and into the valley. This is the beginning of the route. This will be a good quality pathway and traverse through fields and joining with an Aqueduct for a time.

The path will join a track way. Take the turning heading into the valley. The track way will tend to be going down and leads to an abandoned village (complete with church), which was built for hydro plant workers. Shortly past this is the hydro electricity plant itself. Head past it and cross the bridge.

The path will now climb steeply upwards for a time before levelling off and beginning a long traverse. Beware of other paths splitting away. Our path will meander down and eventually rejoin the river. Follow the well defined path for several kilometres. At the head of the valley (a lone farmstead is visible) it will climb upwards. At the farmstead a sign post will mark the refuge as being 45 minutes away. Follow the marked path to the refuge.

2. Following the Acquecia (1)
Capileira (1462m) to the Poqueira Refuge (2500m)

Head through the village of Capileira and take the path leading down to the river. Cross over and follow the path on this side. Take the path turning off and heading steeply up hill. After a steep ascent it will meet a track way. Turn left onto it (moving away from the Mulhacén). This track way will meander and double back on itself.

When it meets the Acquecia (Aqueduct) there will be a pathway on its right (eastern side). This marks the point where you begin following the water. This route is not always as simple as a footpath. When I did this route in November, I was climbing over branches, fallen trees, into the sometimes dry beds, and over rocks.

The majority of this section is through forest. Soon after the forest ends the Acquecia will turn into a side valley. There are paths leading down back into the valley before this.

At this point a decent path appears. The Acquecia will turn away form the path, which this route will continue to follow. It will now follow the opposite side of the valley, moving through brush, meadows and some old farmland. This whole area is an excellent area for seeing Ibex. Eventually the path will come to a bride spanning a ratchet supply train. Cross the bridge and begin heading down the valley. It will meet a second path heading into the path. Turn onto this heading into the mountains. Follow this well defined path for several kilometres. At the head of the valley (a lone farmstead is visible) it will climb upwards. At the farmstead a sign post will mark the refuge as being 45 minutes away. Follow the marked path to the refuge.

3. Refuge (2500m) to Mulhacén (3482m)

To reach the summit from the refuge there is a path leading east from it up to the ridge. Here there is a track way leading from the Mirador de Trevelez. Ignore the tracks turning off that traverses below the summit but follow instead the winding track leading up to Mulhacén II.

4. Returning by the eastern Acquecia.

After descending back from the refuge to the signpost (as mentioned near the farmstead). Turn onto the eastern side of the valley and begin following the Acquecia. The path is well marked and will at some stage leave this Acquecia and head down to a lower one. The path will then follow this before heading down through pine forest into Capileira.

Essential Gear

Plenty of water, sun protection and sensible clothing are essential. The Iberian sun is powerful.

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Diego Sahagún

Diego Sahagún - Jan 20, 2010 7:43 pm - Hasn't voted


Carl, the correct names of the villages and the exact heights are: Pampaneira (1058 m), Bubión (1300 m) and Capileira (1436 m)

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Poqueira Valley

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