Port de Sotllo

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Lleida (Catalunya), Spain, Europe
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Spring, Summer, Fall
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A long day
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5.0 (YDS)

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Port de Sotllo
Created On: Jul 30, 2009
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Port de SotlloPort de Sotllo

The normal route of Sotllo goes across Port de Sotllo (2.893m). The port is normally reached from Vallferrera but it's possible to reach from Refuge de Pinet in a longer itinerary.

Getting There

Estany Sotllo & PicaEstany de Sotllo

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The Spanish trailhead is the end of the bad forest track of Vallferrera. You can sleep in the Refuge of Vallferrera (reserve is very advisable on summer) or you can camp with the tent, only in the night, in Estany of Sotllo.

Route Description

Climbing Sotllo
The west ramp
Going to summit
Reaching the summit

We reach the Port de Sotllo across the normal route of Pica d'Estats from Vallferrera.

In the Port of Sotllo (2.893m) we leave the normal route of Pica d’Estats turning to left (West). The people normally go to right in direction to Pica d’Estats and they climb this peak in the return of the main peak. It's normal to climb in first time the most important mountain of the area if it remains forces to climb the other peaks as Montcalm (3.077m) and Sotllo (3.073m) in the return to Port de Sotllo. You can see generally some cairns in the approach to the bottom of Sotllo among a lot of stones. We reach the bottom of the great ramp of West face and we have a lot of possibilities of climb, but the most important thing is to know the position of the summit in the long summit ridge just in left side. We can walk among the bad ground among the free stones to the left or to the right to reach the area under the ridge. In this point the better option is turn to left to reach an area just near of the Spun West of the peak. In this point we see cairns signalling the terraces to reach a channel and finally a small path to the ridge. It's the summit, in a wide ridge with nice views, a mailbox and a book to summit log.

Essential Gear

Ramp West

It's neccesary the use of crampons and ice-axe early on the season (may-june). In July-August only remain a few of snow in the North of Port de Sotllo but you can walk around it.

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Port de Sotllo

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