Portland Metro Area Summits

Portland Metro Area Summits

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People who lived in the Portland Area are quiet blessed with hiking and climbing opportunities. They live so close to great hiking and climbing areas such as the Coast Range, the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood Area. There is a whole lot to do within a short drive from the Greater Portland Area. But did you know there are decent summits actually within the city of Portland and within the urban area. The Greater Portland Area is home to some great small summits, interesting rock climbing area and great natural areas.  This page is going to focus on those summits within the Greater Portland Area.
Downtown Portland
Downtown Portland and the Tualatin Mountains behind the skyline.

Tualatin Mountains

Picture of Portland from the Tram
Picture of Portland from the Tram which goes up the Tulatin Mountains. 

To the west part of the Portland area lies the Tualatin Mountains. These are the highest elevations in the park and they generally range in elevation from 800 to 1270 which is Cornell Mountain. Cornell Mountain, like many of the other high-points in the Tualatin Mountains, are on private property. Therefore it is strongly suggested not to go these summits. There is what looks to be two exceptions to this area Pittock Hill and Council Crest. Each is supposed to have excellent views of Portland, Mount Hood and Mount Saint Helens. 

Boring Lava Field Cinder Cones and Shield Volcanoes 

Looking northeast from the summit
View from Powell Butte
Foggy through the trees on Mount Talbert
Giant foggy trees of Mount Talbert

Toward the eastern part of the city lies a group of cinder cones and shield volcanoes from the Boring Lava Field. Many of the these summits which are legal are presently written up on Summitpost, including Mount TalbertPowell ButteKelly ButteMount Tabor, and Rocky ButteBroughton Bluff is lies within the eastern border of the Greater Portland area is home to excellent rock climbing. Scouters Mountain also has great views and is a nice park in the region. All that is mentioned in this paragraph are legal to access and are either Nature Parks or State Park. There are many other cinder cone and shield volcanoes here as well. However like the Tulatin Mountains on the other side there either private property or questionable access.  

Castle Like Platform
Castle like formation on Rocky Butte
Looking at the Columbia River
Looking at the Columbia River

Best view from this peak
Kelly Butte view
Looking west
The view west

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