Poseidon Adventure, 5.10

4th Pitch- 40’- 5.8R/ This pitch is more of a run out 5th class walk and scramble to position yourself in a better position to tackle the delicate summit block. Walk out on a foot ledge to the left to a bolt (2010). This bolt does not really protect you from busting an ankle, but rather gives a directional to the belay. It could have been better placed. (optionally you could go to the rap station out left and belay from there, I prefer the upper belay). Climb up easy, but weak, sandstone at a right angle mantling up on a flake (5.8) to the next ledge above with a fixed belay to the right base of the summit block.
Poseidon Adventure, 5.10, III, Lighthouse Tower, River Road Towers and Crags, Moab, UT, October, 2010


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