Postak from Otric

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Location Lat/Lon: 44.23860°N / 16.14360°E
Additional Information Route Type: Hike
Additional Information Time Required: Most of a day
Additional Information Difficulty: Walk-up
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Postak peak approach leads from Otric hamlet on Gracac-Knin road. Marks begin on Zrmanja train station near the hamlet and ascend over the open grassy slopes. Second option is to use macadam road which takes you closer to summit pyramid. I guess most will hardly resist this opportunity so this is probably first option of most visitors. It seams to me that this option is better even if you want to go on foot from the main road because of more open vistas and more gradual ascent. It is not marked but orientation is very easy because of open spaces and partially you use soft macadam road which is good for feet. On the return it is best to partially use the marks and visit ‘boulder park’, then return towards well visible road you used to ascent. This way you’ll partially change the route and make it more interesting.

Postak from Otric via macadam road: 2.30h

Postak macadam road branches from main road 1km north of Otric, on the small pass (point 662m) between Velikopopinsko Polje (650m) and Malopopinsko Polje (600m) fields, just behind the bridge over the railway. Approach will be described if it is necessary to go on foot because of snow or drifts on the road.

Behind the first left turn road continues straight gradually ascending. At the end of the straight it makes sharp right turn and you can see it in front, bit higher on the slope. Cut this bend by going straight over the grass.

Once on the road again (15mins from main road) continue right. Road traverses slopes through rare oaks, above the Otric hamlet, turning gradually left. Once in the valley you’ll notice that it makes wide circle around it and that road is high on the opposite slope. You can cut this bend by going over the valley floor, half way inside and then climb on towards the road on the other side.

Once back on the road (35mins from main road) it is right again. Road traverses slopes above Otric again with wide views towards end of Velebit and Postak pyramid in front.

15mins later (1.05h from the main road) there is first then soon second, sharper, left turn. Bad macadam road with larger stones cuts the left sharp bend of main one. Continue straight up using it. In 3mins you are back on the main macadam. This is important point if you are on foot. It is best to leave the macadam here and continue straight towards Postak. This is also good option for those that doesn’t need shortest approach and would like to walk bit more than from closest road point. If so leave the car here, Postak is already close enough.

Car addicts shall continue. After few bends road enters shallow forested valley. Keep going straight till first time out of forest, at the edge of Ljubina Poljana meadows, 8km from main road. Leave the car here and through a passage in the forest go right towards the meadows on the shoulder below Postak summit pyramid. Here you’ll join walking section. From the Ljubina Poljana it takes some 1.15h to the summit.

From ‘important point’ turn half right and over the meadows aiming between two beech groves. Right one has been damaged by fire. Continue slightly towards left aiming for the grassy descending shoulder below the summit pyramid, 20-30mins from the road, 1.30h from main road.

From here it is best, and most logical, to go towards the rounded self standing cliff, at the bottom of cliffs on the western ridge. Once on the shoulder (10mins) below the cliff you’ll reach the marks from Otric. Right below is group of scattered boulders, mentioned on main page as boulder park, from where marks approach. Visit them on the return. In front, above boulders, is shallow with beech forested valley, which has been badly damaged by fire. Marks continue straight, traversing slope above beeches and on next ridge, few minutes in front they turn left towards the summit.

It is better from here to go immediately left, steeply up. In some 10mins you’ll reach the edge of western ridge of Postak, above its cliffs. Views are fantastic from here.

In another 20mins, along the edge of the falling cliffs you reach the summit. Just behind is another summit head from which is better view towards Ilica mountain.

On the return use the southern grassy/rocky slope of Postak (direction of marked path but marks are currently not visible here) to reach the partially burned beech forest. Go left of it to the nice panoramic bump on the slope (15mins). From panoramic bump descent straight down, through the burned forest, towards the ‘boulder park’. After photo session use the marks that over short plateau go right down into the shallow valley between Postak and Repino Brdo hill. Macadam is visible straight ahead and you can return to it anyway you want. From boulders till the main road it takes some 1.15h.
If your car is on the edge of Ljubina Poljana from boulders go right around Postak, on the same altitude, to the passage in the forest and back to your car (20mins away).

Postak from Otric: 2.30h

10m left of train station marked path goes over the rail. On the other side it heads over the filed and then ascends through rare forest made of oaks and pines. Path continues to ascent over the grassy slopes aiming towards the left foot of bulky grassy hill in front of Postak pyramid called Repino Brdo. Once it reaches shallow hollow (flat meadow, 1.15h from Otric) it turns right into the shallow valley between Repino Brdo and Postak. After 20mins of ascent you are on the plateau on top of Repino Brdo, Postak pyramid is in front (1.35h from Otric). Over the plateau you’ll reach the stone where writing says that summit is straight ahead while right is ‘boulder park’ (writing says ‘Stijene’ (stijene=cliffs, stones)), just a minute away. Save them for return. 10mins of steep ascent takes you to the foot of large rounded cliff/stone where from left comes unmarked macadam variation. Here you have the option to continue straight up via the edge of western ridge and cliffs (highly recommended) or turn right and follow the marks which traverse the slopes above partially burned forest towards next descending shoulder, few minutes away. There they turn left and reach the summit via south slopes which is mix of rock and grass.


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