Pot Mountain, Millard, Utah

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Utah, United States, North America
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Pot Mountain, Millard, Utah
Created On: Sep 21, 2011
Last Edited On: Dec 6, 2011

Seen far away, at 4830 feet:

Pot Mountain tops out at about 350 feet above the surroundings. Basically round like a kitchen pan upside down, it also includes a kind of handle on the north. Lake Bonneville left lots of Utah's west desert flat and then dried up about 10,000 years ago. Lake levels can be seen along the Wasatch Front's west faces. Pot's pretty orange and red rocks and conglomerates are rarely noticed. Old game trails can be followed to the top.

Getting there:

Located due west of the much more well-known old volcano Pahvant Butte, local highway 257 bisects both features. About 16 miles southwest of Delta, the good dirt road takes off to the west and Pot Mountain. The road continues to Cricket mountains and eventually joins US 6-50. Pahvant Butte is due east and past Clear Lake refuge on nice dirt roads. It towers about 1700 feet above the flat valley and can be seen for many miles.

Pot Mountain, Millard, Utah

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