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First photos of and from Predné Solisko (2093 m) in the High Tatras range in the ridge of Solisko will be added, then the mountain page will be built. Feel free to ask me for editing rights to this page.

Predné Solisko offers hiking, mountaineering, climbing, skialpinist and skiing possibilities. You won't get this range of legal possibilities for mountain activities on another peak in High Tatras.

External Links

The webcam from the village and ski resort Strbske pleso (1355 m) lake can be found here, as well as the actual daily temperature. The webcam, as well as the ski slope is directed to the (photo of the) chalet below Solisko (1840 m). Predne Solisko (2093 m) is usually visible within the webcam picture. It will take you about 45 minutes - 1 hour hike to get to the summit from the chalet. From the Strbske pleso to the chalet it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes usually. You may shorten the official time, but rather count with official timing, so you will have some time for drinking and eating rests.

The page of the (webpage of the) chalet below Solisko. You can get to know the history of the chalet, how to get there or directly order the accommodation. One night will cost you 300 Sk (about 8,80 euro) per night.

The link to actual price list for (ski) lift from the resort Strbske Pleso (1355 m) to the chalet below Solisko (1840 m).

Approximate exchange currency rate: 30 slovak crowns = 1 euro.

New freeride route on Predné Solisko.

A 360° summit panorama
in the best autumn weather


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