Prefect hike, except for cold wind

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California, United States, North America
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Jul 10, 2004
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Created On: Jul 11, 2004
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I Did IT. On July 10th, I hiked up to White Mountain. I stayed at the trail head overnight. It was windy. But I slept at my Ford Explorer. It was warm enough for me. In the morning, at about 5:30 I started my hike, it was cold. But I was prepared. The trail is easy ( class 1). It is not difficult at all. After 2 miles, I arrived at the labratory which is operatted by University of California. I stayed there for a couple minutes to watch some sheeps. And the dogs barked at me. I continued with my hike. After the lab., the trail is little bit steep but not bad. Over all, the trail are not steep. On the way to the top, the wind blow so hard sometime, AND IT IS COLD. I don't want to get HYPOTHERMIA so I have to put on glove, jacket AND two layer of pans. Other hiker asked me, why I have to put the glove on in July. I told him it is cold when the wind blow. The last part of the trail is a little steep, and it is still a fire road and wide. You will never get lost in this trail. I arrived at the peak where there is a hut.. I signed my name over there. One hiker arrived before me took my picture using his digital camera. He said he will send the picture to me by email. Such a nice hiker from Idaho. I arrived at 10: 15 am, enjoyed the view, had my lunch. There are not many hikes up to White Mountain. I counted, may be, less than 10. Some people rode their dirt bike up there. I saw a young lady with her dog runing doun after visiting the peak for less than 10 minutes. If you hike up to Mt. Whiteny or other popular peak, you can see more than 10 hikers at the top. It is probably the reason why is that in order to hike the White Mountain, you have to drive almost 20 miles of dirt road (four wheel drive).
Conclusion: it is worth the cold wind, long hike and long drive (~550 mile from my house round trip). I will go back again and again.


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