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Additional Information Elevation: 8198 ft / 2499 m
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Alex Vega - Prestreljenik and its window

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Prestreljenik - Monte Forato
Claudio - Prestreljenik / Monte Forato from the south

General remark: (When reading Slovenian words on maps or in books, you will find special characters for ch, sh, and zh. They are written with c, s and z with a caron - little v above them.)

The name of this mountain is sort of funny and it means "the shooted through". This is due to a big rock window in the west ridge of a mountain. The Italian name for Prestreljenik is Monte Forato. Also the creation of this window peoples' fairy tale attributes to the Devil, who in a dense fog and with full speed bumped into the mountain, creating with his horns a big hole in it...

Otherwise Prestreljenik is the second highest mountain in Kanin subgroup of Julian Alps, only Visoki Kanin / Monte Canin exceeds it. Due to the cable-car from Bovec (Slovenia) and also to the other one from Sella Nevea (Italy), Prestreljenik is very often ascended. Actually true mountaineers take it by the way, while going to other summits, and ordinary tourists jump on the summit just as a supplementary for the cable-car trip.

Visoki Kanin from Prestreljenik
Visoki Kanin from Prestreljenik

From the summit of Prestreljenik you can enjoy a super panorama.

Besides the summit itself hikers also often visit its window. A secured path ascends from the south into it, but unfortunately there it also ends. Rocks from the window towards the summit are too hard for a normal hike (climbing of UIAA II).

And finally a great attraction of Prestreljenik is also skiing. Below it, on both sides (Slovenian and Italian) there are ordinary ski resorts. But the last 200 meters are too steep. Only in very good conditions skiing can be done from the very summit. It is hard, very steep and in the upper part also exposed. When we climbed it in January, due to lack of snow we left skis some 50 meters below the summit. If you arrive from the Italian side you can have from the ski resort above Sella Nevea over Prevala Pass to the summit of Prestreljenik a very fine ski tour.

Although having a steep rocky north face, Prestreljenik is not popular for rock climbing. The structure of Kanin mountains with only horizontal layers of rock and ledges is not appropriate for hard climbs.

Visoki Kanin/Monte Canin...
Visoki Kanin/Monte Canin...
Prestreljenik from the NW
Prestreljenik from the NW

Summit Views

On the summit of Prestreljenik
On the summit of Prestreljenik

Thinking for myself, standing one clear January day on its summit, I probably had the best panorama in Julian Alps. From Dolomites on the western horizon, over all the main peaks of Julian Alps, which you are looking from south, over hilly Slovenia to Adriatic coast and river Po plane.

Getting There

Numbers refer to Kanin group huts: (1) Koča na Stolu, (2) Bivouac C.A.I. Manzano, (3) Dom Petra Skalarja na Kaninu, (4) Rif. C. Gilberti, (5) Rif. Divisione Julia-Nevea, (6) Bivouac Marussich, (7) Dom na Predelu.

See the Julian Alps overview page and the Kanin Group page!

By car/bus Soca valley and Bovec can be reached over Vršič pass (from Sava valley) or from the south, from Gorica / Gorizia.

Reklanica / Raccolana Valley and Nevejski preval / Sella Nevea (Pass) can be reached from Val Canale (Tagliamento river) by deterring from the highway Udine-Tarvisio. Nevejski preval / Sella Nevea (Pass) can also be reached from NE, from Trbiž / Tarvisio.

 Two cable-cars can help you reach the high plateau of Kanin mountains:

  • Cable car Kanin: In summer 2004: Up - from 7:00 to 15:00 (each full hour). Down - from 8:00 to 16:00 (each full hour). pictures
  • Cable car Sella Nevea.

Mountaineering Map: Julijske Alpe - Zahodni del (Western part). Planinska zveza Slovenije. 1:50.000.

Routes Overview

A schematic map of Prestreljenik and its routes. The blue one is ski tour.

1. From the south. From the upper station (2200 m) of cable-car from Bovec, below Prestreljenik south slopes on a saddle sout-east of it, then over the eastern slopes to the summit. 45 minutes. Marked, the last part is steep.

2. From Sella Nevea (1195 m). To Rif. Gilberti (1850 m) you can hike by a marked path (over ski slopes) or take a cable-car (works only during skiing season ?). From the hut you proceed towards the east, first some 100 m down in the valley, then up to Prevala Pass, 2062 m. From here on you keep on the southeastern side of Prestreljenik's NE ridge and finally climb the summit over its eastern slopes. From Sella Nevea 4 h, from Rif. Gilberti 2 h 30 min. This is also a very fine ski tour with 1300 m altitude difference, where also the cable car to Rif. Gilberti can be used.

Prevala Pass can also be reached from Bovec (in Soča valley) or by one of paths crossing Kanin massif east of it.

Red Tape

No limitations.

When To Climb

Prestreljenik can be climbed virtually the whole year. But in hard winter or if icy, the steep summit slopes require attention and winter equipment.


To climb Prestreljenik, the following mountain huts are useful (although the ascent can be done in one day):

  • Dom Petra Skalarja na Kaninu, 2260 m, (041) 527-926. For the ascent from south-west.
  • Rif. C. Gilberti, 1850 m. For the ascent from north.
  • Rif. Divisione Julia - Nevea, 1142 m. For the ascent from north.

Mountain Conditions

For weather see here.



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