Prince Edward Island's High Point

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Prince Edward Island's High Point
Created On: Jun 28, 2007
Last Edited On: Oct 14, 2017


Prince Edward Island’s (PEI)highest point is unnamed and is between Hartsville & Glen Valley in Queens County. I am posting this for fellow SP members who also visit highpoints no matter the elevation and this one is Canada’s lowest provincial high point. Information on this “summit” whether on the world wide web or otherwise seems limited. Road maps & tourist guides published by the province don’t provide any information and only a few atlases feature this point on a map. So here’s details on finding PEI’s highest point

Getting There/Trail Route

Junction Road
Junction Road
Junction Road
Junction Road
Highly recommend as you cross the Confederation Bridge (The Link) into PEI to pick up a map of the island at the visitor center. It’s very detailed and shows a lot of back roads. From the Confederation Bridge, stay on Highway One for about five miles then take 1A until you come to Route 225. Head east on east on 225 for 10-15 miles and in the Springton / Hartsville area Route 227 meets 225. This is a bit tricky here, there is an immediate left turn on a dirt road that heads WNW. This is Junction Road and that is the road you want; not the side road you see as you head east (that is east bound 227).

Or from Charlottetown, take Route 2 to Fredericton.  Then south (left) on 264 to Glen Valley.  Turn left at the 4 way intersection onto the dirt Junction Road 227.  After approximately 1 kilometer the field on the right gives way to woods.  There are signs for a snowmobile junction.  Watch for an overgrown road heading into the woods on the right (south.)  This will be shortly after seeing a little used road into the trees on the left.  In 2017 this over-grown road was marked with a couple small cairns and some weathered orange flagging. 

If you are coming from highway 225 at Hartsville there will be a C shaped curve in the road.  At about 2.5 kilometers watch for the old over grown road on your left.  If you see the snowmobile route signs as the woods give way to field, then you just passed it. 

Hike along the over-grown road for about 350 meters, watch for a tree through the woods on the right with orange webbing wrapped on it. (see picture in gallery)This is about 100 ft or so from the field. Watch for a trail to the right to bring you to a mailbox post with a register inside. The summit register was put there & maintained by a local highpoint club. They have their name & number on the first page and they've brought people there. The log has been there since 2000 and it appears not many people visit this actual spot. 

GPS coordinates: WGS84 UTM Zone 20 Latitude Band T

Beginning of overgrown road:
0467738 5131258 

Turn right from overgrown road towards highpoint:
0467782 5130918 

Highpoint mailbox with register:
0467758 5130922 

Slightly higher hump next to mailbox:
0467758 5130924 

Update:  Please see my trip report for more detailed directions to the high point.

2017 Update:  

We occupied the PEI high point on both Oct 4th & 5th, 2017.  The old over grown road was easier to find and follow than before.  Although it doesn't seem to be taking vehicle traffic it apparently has enough foot traffic to maintain a path.  Perhaps someone yanks out a small bush occasionly.  Follow this road for about 340 - 350 meters.  Be looking to the right for the orange webbing wrapped around a tree.  No need to bush wack.  About when the road is perpendicular to the marked tree a worn path turns to the right.  We saw weathered orange flagging both along the road and marking this intersection.

PEI High Point
PEI High Point

At the high point as before is the mailbox with a summit register.  The orange tree wrap from last time was really rotten, dark and falling apart.  So the following day we stopped at Canadian Tire and bought some thick orange webbing.  We returned to the high point, removed the old rotten material and replaced it with the new more durable webbing. 

Old Over-Grown Road
Old Over-Grown Road

At the intersection of the old road with Junction Road we noticed someone had placed a small cairn.  This small cairn was right in the middle of the over grown road.  So we added another cairn on the left hand side of the over grown road.  Also across the road from the over grown road was a 2x4 ounded into the ground with some red paint on top.

This section of Google Map shows Junction Road, labelled 227.  The intersection with 264 labled Glen Valley is the closest pavement.  This approach from is from the north and the direction I recommend if there's been any weather that could make PEI red mud an issue.  Also Junction Road ia apparently a snowmobile track in the winter so this direction would be the shortest walk.  The approach from highway 225 at Hartsville is passable in regular cars when dry.  But note from this direction the road is narrow enough meeting another vehicle could require cooperation and it has not been gravelled. 

Nearby Outdoor Opportunities

PEI has no mountains to climb - just rolling hills - but still has opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.
Confederation Trail
Confederation Trail
Confederation Trail
Confederation Trail

Confederation Trail

Further up Junction Road from Glen Valley near the junction with Route 2, Route 227 crosses the Confederation Trail - PEI’s section of the TransCanada Trail. It’s a 170+ mile hiking/biking trail extending from Tignish on the western tip of the island to Elmira near the eastern tip with branches extending down to Borden-Carleton, Charlottetown, Montague, Georgetown & Souris. The Confederation Trail was once PEI’s railway system which was totally abandoned in the late 1980’s and has been converted to recreation trails. Being that it’s on a former railbed, it’s flat through most of the way and goes through a lot of towns on its route.

Prince Edward Island National Park

No matter where you are in PEI, you are always within 15 minutes of the ocean. To get to PEI NP from Glen Valley, go north on 264 then go east on Route 2. Make a left turn (north) onto Route 13 and in 16 miles, you’ll be at Prince Edward Island National Park in Cavendish. The park is 25 miles long yet only covers 12 square miles along PEI’s North Shore. There is sandstone shoreline along with sandy beaches - some beaches are red sand - and tall sand dunes. Also within the park is the fabled Green Gables of Anne of Green Gables fame (this year marks the 100th anniversary of the book).

Contact info:
Prince Edward Island National Park
2 Palmers Lane
Charlottetown, PE C1A 5V6
Email - 

Red Tape

The summit is on private property but is open to visitors. Please respect the “leave only foot prints” rule.

Confederation Bridge

The eight mile+ bridge connects PEI in Borden-Carleton to New Brunswick & the rest of Canada. It’s free to cross into PEI but will cost you $42.50 (that's Canadian $)to cross back over. It’s only open to vehicles - pedestrians & bicyclists must catch a shuttle to cross.

External Links

Johnathon Esper's PEI Page Pictures taken when there was no foliage.

Prince Edward Island's High Point

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