Psili Korfi southwest face

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Aitoloakarnania, Greece, Europe
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Psili Korfi southwest face
Created On: Jan 27, 2007
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The most difficult lines on the Psili Korfi massif are found on the southeast face that lies directly under the summit. The base of the hike is 2650 feet above sea level and tops out at 5213 feet. These routes should only be approached by expert rock climbers (sorry no class 3 here).

Getting There

Using the same directions from Monastiraki to get to the Romvou monasteri, inseatd of turning north towards Romvou head directly south on the road for a few kilometers. When the main washout is seen park your vehicle on the side of the road and begin the climb.

Route Description

From the washout there are two lines, Skia and Xiromero. Skia is the pretty much continues up the mountain in a straight line except for the traverse made towrds the end of the climb. The central portion of this climb is a YDS class 4 and a UIAA IV. Xiromero route is just to the north of Skia and is one of the most difficult routes in the area. The central portion of this climb entails a 200 foot wall that must be negotiated. This is class 5 YDS and is over 70 degrees in slope.

Essential Gear

Trad climbing gear. The rock is pretty solid but be careful of loose rocks towards the end of the faces. Crampons and ice ax are a must during the winter season. Bring plenty of water during the summer and it is best advised that climbs be done earlier in the day as thunderstorms can form within a few hours.

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Outside of the natural dangers of this mountain it is also important to note that there are other predators in this area as well. Please keep a constant lookout for herds of sheep as mean shepherd dogs typically accompany the herds. If a dog does happen to attack the best course of action to take would be yelling and throwing stones at it. By no means should you run in the event that a shepherd dog begins to chase you. Secondly, although not commonly seen there is a population of the Ouxia snake. This snake is poisonous and its venom is similar to that of the western Rattlesnake. Also, due to recent work done by ecologists from the European Union, wolves have been brought from other parts of Greece and released in the area. To date the wolves frequent the Boumistos mountain (the large mountain that lies directly south of Psili Korfi) area and occasionally head towards Psili Korfi as they hunt the local sheep.

Psili Korfi southwest face

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