Pterois miles

Common LionfishOroszlánhal (38 cm)
Pterois miles is known as the common lionfish or devil firefish. It is frequently confused with its close relative, the red lionfish (Pterois volitans).Length up to 35 cm. This lionfish varies in colour from reddish to tan or grey, and has a feathery dorsal fin and wing-like pectoral fin. Inhabits areas with crevices or lagoons, often on the outer slope of coral reefs 0,2 to 90m. Hovers near ledges, caves and in wrecks by day. At dusk and at night, roams the reef hunting for fishes, crabs and shrimps. Their feathery pectoral fins are used to corral prey to within striking distance. Often attracted by divers’ lights which distract prey. May charge divers with dorsal spines pointed forward. Fin spines are highly venomous and can be dangerous to humans. Stings extremely painful.
Range: Red Sea to Sumatra, south to S. Africa. Also known in eastern Mediterranean.


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