Puebla de San Miguel-Las Blancas

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Puebla de San Miguel-Las Blancas
Created On: Apr 28, 2010
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It's the normal route to the summit.
Route to Calderon

Getting There

Puebla de San MiguelPuebla de S.Miguel

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Route Description

Ravine of chorroRavine of Chorro
JuniperLas Blancas
Alto CabreraAlto Cabrera
Cerro CalderónCalderón

We begin in the entry of the village turning to left following the road but before the hermit are the signals of PR near of a water source. We walk the path following the paint yellow and white to cross near of a new source (Javanal) just above the ravine of Chorro. We exit of ravine in a col walking the path into the forest. In the col we connect with a forest track and we walk turning to left side. We reach a cross path with signal to Mirador Mira el Bueno (left side, 500m, an interesting place). We follow the track until the deviation of forest Las Blancas (it’s a beautiful collection of Sabina Albar with trees of more than 800 or 1000 years). We return to the track following the paint to reach the top of the hill. In this point the PR (paint yellow and white) turn to left and the green stakes (to BTT) follow the hill. Both options are possible.

A)-If you’re a good trained trekker it’s a good idea to follow to climb the Alto Cabrera ( 1.708m) across the stakes of BTT following the wide ridge. Descending of the summit (with a big cairn of stones) we connect with the forest track at North to follow to collado Tajuelos. We walk a very long curve in the tracks passing near of a small hut to reach Collado Buey (1.715m).

B)-We follow the P.R. descending to connect with a path and tracks to reach Collado Buey (1.715m) directly.

In collado Buey we turn to left to arrive to the small hut “Refugio Collado Buey”. The Calderon is visible behind of the hut on right side but the direct path it’s not signalled. I think the better option is to follow the track of right side with a few of marks of paint green and white to a col at East of summit. The forest track turn to border completely the summit to reach the west col but it’s long and for this reason you can climb across the forest searching the better pass without path to reach the top of the ridge walking to the summit. It’s a little confused but it’s the shortest option.

For the descent is advisable to use the route of Gavilan.

Essential Gear

Water, cap, sunglasses.

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Puebla de San Miguel-Las Blancas

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