Punta Vittoria. Bors Valley route.

Picture taken from Bocchetta delle Pisse.
The trail coming from left is the one from Bocchetta delle Pisse, the one coming from below is the one from Crespi Calderini hut.
The part of the route below Punta Indern is the same of "La Balma" the Free-ride route that earned the appellative of "Free-ride paradise" to Alagna.
The pillar you see between light and shadow is the one of the old cable-lift to Punta Indren.
Now a not rational choice has taken Balma out of the area served by the lifts.
A new lift is planned to reach the elevation of 3700 meters(!!!) under Piramide Vincent in the 2009.
I hope they will never manage to do such a lift!
Restoring the old lift from bocchetta to P.ta Indren should be sufficient and could permit a better ripartition of the skiers in the area.
Note that even when the old lift was operative, Bors valley was quite a solitary place, and you was able to sense the wilderness of the area also skiing in winter, that was the magic of "La Balma".

Excuse the low quality of the 'collage' but I don't like to spend much time on Gimp or Photoshop ;-)


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