Punte Patri Northwest / Southwest Routes

Punte Patri Northwest / Southwest Routes

Punte Patrì (Southern 3581m)

A of August 07th, 1881: S-W Slope, in ascent.

B of August 07th, 1881: W-NW Arête, in descent.

C of July 13th, 1969: N-NW Wall.

Punte Patrì (Northern 3561m)

Unlabelled of July 12th, 1986: W-NW Wall (not traced in photo, but is the little narrow gully or couloir between C and E).

D of August 11th, 1933 W-NW Arête.

E of August 11th, 1988: W-NW Couloir and N-NW Face.

F of August 13th, 1986: NW Spur of Quota about 3485/90 meters and N Ridge.

G of August 16th, 1910 Northern Arête:

by Antonio Giani April 21th, 2006

traced by Osw September 21th, 2021.
on Sep 21, 2021 12:07 am
Image Type(s): Alpine Climbing
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