Rain, Hail and Snow in Desolation Wilderness

Rain, Hail and Snow in Desolation Wilderness

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PCT from Echo Lakes 

In a pouring rain I left for Susie Lake, hiking the PCT past Echo Lakes and Lake Aloha for about 7 miles.  About 50% of the trail had a stream of water going down it. Along the way there was but one lone hiker headed out, the temperature started to drop and the rain turned to hail.  I reached Lake Susie and hurriedly put my tent up and changed into dry clothes.  Once dry I poked my head out of the tent and it had begun to snow.  I had originally planned on 3 nights and my wife was going as well.  But with the weather as it was, Dawn said no and I decided on just staying one night.  The following day was suppose to be nice, mostly sunny and my plan was hiking Dicks and Jacks Peak.  I awoke to mostly blue skies and off I went but it was later than I had planned.  Just short of Dicks Pass I decided to turn back.  The skies were turning from blue to a dark steel gray in a hurry.  The flow of water that I had encounter on the trail on my way in had frozen overnight.  Now I had to hike along the edges of and just off the PCT as there was sheet ice.  Once again no summits but a nice hike.

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