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Location Lat/Lon: 48.96067°N / 19.17973°E
Activities Activities: Hiking, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 5141 ft / 1567 m
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Climbing Rakytov. <a href= >Veľký Choc</a> in the distance.Reaching the top...
Little pause with water refilling near Čierny KameňFrom Čierny kameň
Velka FatraHiking down
Velka Fatrato Čierny kameň
That is me :)Auto portrait...

Rakytov, 1567m, is not a well-known top neither the most visited in Velká Fatra, despite amongst the tallests (tallest out of the Ostredok group). Rakytov is also the name of a settlement of houses in Ľubochnianska Dolina, as well as the river that flows through it, from ... Rakytov. On old Hungarian maps, it appears sometimes as "Rakytor", and as "Rakitów" on Polish maps.
The etymology probably comes from the plant Rakyta, a sort of local "pussy-willow" (Salix caprea).

Rakytov is a long-shaped grassy summit well visible from Liptovské Revúce, partly covered with dwarf pines. NE and SW on this ridge, it is bordered with two identically named passes, "Rakytovské Sedlo", then we use the names "Južné Rakytovské Sedlo" (south) or "Severné Rakytovské Sedlo" (north) to differenciate them.

North of Rakytov, on the map, is drawn a yellow trail that circumvents the top north linking both of these passes. However this trail doesn't seem to exist anymore, since not maintained and covered with vegetation (so it was in 2007).

On the top of Rakytov is located a metallic mailbox into which is a real hiking-log book. Add your name but no garbage in the box ! On the southern descent is located a curious rocky outcrop made of two giant limestone rocks, between which the path goes, fun part of the hike.

Further on the western ridge, next to Rakytov and after peaklet Minčol, is located another characteristic part of Velká Fatra called Čierny kameň (1479m), badly translable as "black rocks" since their limestone is rather bright. Their allure is totally different allure than what we see around, made of unpenetrable dolomitic outctrops, where grow a dense bush of dwarf pines.

Čierny kameň is protected by the status of natural reserve, and one cannot go offtrails in it (probably for bird nestling reasons). However main the ridge trail allows visiting it via the north slope bordering it, proving a decent glance into the area.

In winter, Rakytov, like the mentioned neighbours and the rest of Velká Fatra, make excellent winter excursions, by ski or snowshoes.
Sunset from the top of Borišov, looking East to Rakytov and Čierny KameňRakytov, Minčol and Čierny Kameň from Borišov in the sunset

Getting There

The Revúca valley, at the junction where Rakytov s yellow trail startsView from Teplé to the Revúce valley

The Revúca valley, at the junction where Rakytov s yellow trail startsRakytov from Teplé
At the pass Severné Rakytovské Sedlo, on the foot of RakytovSeverné Rakytovské Sedlo

Climbing Rakytov. <a href= >Veľký Choc</a> in the distance.Reaching the top
Down from Rakytov, continuing our route West on the ridgeThe SW double-outcrop

Podsuchá and Liptovské Revúce, located west of the Velká Fatra range, are the most convenient trailheads to reach this mountain. They are served by bus if needed.
By car, these points are best reached via Ružomberok.

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Land of LiptovThe "Land of Liptov"


West panorama from Rakytov, to the rest of the Veľká FatraNE view from Rakytov

Looking back to Rakytov, continuing our route West on the ridgeFrom Minčol

Velka FatraČierny kameň
Panorama from Velka FatraSummit panorama
Spring Crocuses on FatraCrocuses

The main ridge-trail that runs over Rakytov is marked in green. As mentionned in the overview, do not look for the yellow diversion on the north of the peak. The green trail links Ružomberok to Ploská, next top after Čierny kameň, where it connects to the main red trail of the Velká Fatra ridge.

A yellow-marked trail starts also from Teplé (bus stop), just under Liptovské Revúce on the road to this village. This trail climbs into Tepla Dolina, but, at least in 2007, the steepest part through the forest was hardly recognizeable due to forestry works.

From Stredná Revúca, a similar trail (red marks) climbs to the same ridge, and reaches the SW end of Čierny kameň.
Going out of the Čierny Kameň limestone outcropsRakytov from Čierny kameň

Continuing our route West on the ridge, looking to Čierny KameňSW view from Rakytov, to Čierny kameň


Down from Rakytov, continuing our route West on the ridgeDesertic ridge between Minčol and Rakytov

The Revúca valley, at the junction where Rakytov s yellow trail startsJunction in Teplé
The Rakytov trail is strewn of crocuses in this early spring.Crocuses on the way

Velka FatraČierny kameň
The west sharp end of the Čierny Kameň limestone outcropsČierny kameň
Going down from KrížnaFrom Krížna
Looking North into Slovakia s longest valley, Ľubochnianska Dolina, more than 20km of wilderness !Ľubochnianska Dolina

* Wildcamping, bicvouacquing :
Beware, Velká Fatra is one of the areas most populated with bears in Slovakia. Only over the tree-line. At your own risk ! Otherwise consider option #3 below.

* Mountain huts :
The massif has three guarded mountain huts of very various standard, and one of them located near Rakytov: Horský hotel Smrekovica, perhaps convenient for those making the traverse.

* Huts, cabins, shelters ("Koliba", "Salaš", "Útulňa", "Prístrešok", etc):
Velká Fatra is probably the range in Slovakia, where one can find the highest density of unguarded huts of such types. They are all listed on this page of the site, and are almost 20. Beware, far from all are open (use Google to translate the Slovak description), and all of them belong to someone, mostly sherperds. They, and only them, decide if they want you to stay or not, if you are seen... For Rakytov, two of them can be mentioned in the SW : Koliba nad Malou Tureckou and Salaš Krátka. Click on "Mapa" for each of them to see the exact position.

* Hotels in the valleys:
In Vyšná Revúca is located a convenient basic hikers hotel : Chata Horec, where one can request to leave the car parked in front of it for a couple of days thanks to the kind owners.
Perhaps we can also mention Májekova chata, quite distant from Rakytov on the north, near Vlkolínec.
Views into Ľubochnianska Dolina, Slovakia s longest valleyViews into Ľubochnianska Dolina, Slovakia's longest valley

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yatsek - Aug 3, 2010 10:18 am - Voted 10/10


Perhaps the name of the village - and consequently the peak - has something to do with Rakyta rather than crayfish.


visentin - Aug 3, 2010 3:59 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: h'm

Just by reading the comment title I knew it was you :) Don't forget I'm a non-slavic person and I do my best ! Thanks anyway for the Rakyta plant, I'll correct that tomorrow... meantime I'm going to make myself a willow tea :)


yatsek - Aug 3, 2010 5:10 pm - Voted 10/10

Re: h'm

Careful or you're gonna get greener than I am.:) BTW The village-then river-then summit pattern is pretty common within the Carpathians (e.g.Gerlach or Jaworowe), however, it sometimes happens to be the other way round.


visentin - Aug 4, 2010 3:31 am - Hasn't voted

Re: h'm

Any theories for Ostredok and the forthcoming Borisov ?


yatsek - Aug 4, 2010 1:14 pm - Voted 10/10

Re: h'm

Well, you know that "ostry" translates as "sharp". As for the ending, I can only make another wild guess:D - the whole word looks like a combination of ostry and osrodek/oseredok, i.e. sort of "centre". Something connected somehow with "ostrewka" and 'stog"? But it's just a guessing game.

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