Real or fake?

Is this petroglyph real or fake??

Most people who attempt to carve a petroglyph give up - it's extremely hard carving thick lines in hard rock and it takes a long, long time to do a good job. If you ever visit a petroglyph site you may see where others have attempted their initials or the like and their carvings are usually very thin and shallow.

Well, we saw this petroglyph near both authentic petroglyphs and ones you can tell were fake. This one obviously took some time to do due to the thickness of the lines and some of the smaller markings are typical authentic petroglyph signs. But it appeared a little lighter in coloration from the authentic ones, and the subject matter makes me skeptical. Anyway, the ranger at the visitor center couldn't say one way or the other. What do you think?

Photographed February 19, 2006 at Mojave National Preserve, CA


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