Reflexiones Canyon

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Nuevo Leon, Mexico, North America
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Reflexiones Canyon
Created On: May 10, 2007
Last Edited On: May 11, 2007


The Reflections canyon is an excellent route for those who love canyoning, and the adrenalin given by rappel activity. In addition something that complements it is the route itself which provides beautiful views of the Mountains landscape that surrounds Monterrey city, and crowned by the impressive gentleman pass.

Due its location the terrain is desertic and only in the previous part to rappel section it is covered in a small section for pines trees.
Nevertheless in spite of desertic conditions and due to rains on rainy season, you can find some springs that provide water to few people who live within the canyon and that is enough to supply water to Rinconada town that is right front to this mountain range.
The water that flows from the spring is canalized through hoses you can see all the rappel section.

Mostly the route you follow the river, on your way up and on your way down. The river is dry, but you can find some pools not good to drink.
In rainy weather it must be an incredible experience to see the river plenty of water forming water falls of diverse sizes that go from the small ones to big ones of around 50 meters of height.

Getting There

How to get there
To arrive at the starting point is simple. If you come from Monterrey is necessary to go to Santa Catarina county and then drive to Saltillo road(40 road). Once you´re out of the city drive about 30 min. you will see the Jonuco as a reference and the second reference is the town of Rinconada, 100 meters ahead of the entrance to Rinconada there’s a restaurant called Casa Blanca, which is a reunion point of truck drivers. That restaurant is a good point to leave your car.
Right in front to the restaurant is a return of the highway heading to Monterrey. Just across the road there´s a gate to the property where initiates the route.

Crossing the gate you must follow the river, hiking river up for around 1 hour after that you must arrive to a small village that in fact is just one man village.

Once you arrive to the little ranch “Ranchito”, the gentleman pass can be seen, this pass is a pathway done by miners whom in some time explored those mountains in search for minerals.

This pass borders all the wall of the mountain until arriving at the top of the canyon so you can pass to next canyon I can imagine that on rainy season a waterfall could be seen of about 60 meters height, It is a shame that is too dangerous daring to be there when it rains hard.

From this point the pathway is well marked and is necessary to hike for around 1 more hour after that you will be on the spring.
There you have to start the rappel section going down the canyon, and once you have made the second rappel, the only way to go out is finishing 8 rappels, that takes around 3 or 4 hours to arrive again to the little ranch “Ranchito”…..then follow the same pathway back to Casa Blanca where you park your car….from there it take about one more hour.

Red Tape

If they do not see the land owner when entering you will not have to pay, otherwise you perhaps must give a tip to the owner.


No good camping areas.

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Additional Information

Reflexiones canyon map
If you want it to make by yourself, the best thing is to do it with someone who has done it before to ensure the success and not to have misfortunes.

The necessary equipment for the route is the following one:
For the long walk: Boots, Trousers Position, light Clothes, blocking of sun, cap, food, water (3 lts minimum) depending on each person, GPS, communication radio two routes to coordinate the reduction to rappel.
For the Rappel: Cord 60 mts, harness, snap harness, ATC or eight, cord, line of life, helmet. (it takes two games of snap harness, ATC or eight just in case)
Of preference never to go single, and if it counts on two cords the route can be done of agile way the more.

Coordinates for Point of interest:

Casa Blanca 25°39' 39.19024" N -100°42'51.29652" W 1,103 meter
Gate to Canyon 25°39' 22.36000" N -100°42'48.27000" W 1,139 meter
Little Ranch 25°37' 55.43462" N -100°42'38.50118" W 1,401 meter
Gentleman Pass 25°37' 38.59000" N -100°42'34.75000" W 1,528 meter
Rappel starting Point 25°37'52.42000" N -100°41'40.06000" W 1,713 meter


Reflexiones Canyon

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