Refuge Huascarán

Personally, I think the "Don Bosco" refuge on the slopes of Huascarán is located in a great spot. However, it was very quiet the few times that I visited there.

Thinking about it, I suppose it's not all that surprising. First of all, contrary to the other refuges in the Cordillera Blanca, this is no place for trekkers. Sure, you can come up to the refuge and go down a different way, but that's all. Just a two day tour. Second, there are no easy mountains to climb, like in the Ishinca valley, or at the Pisco or Vallunaraju refuges. It's all about Huascarán Sur, and, to a lesser extent, Huascarán Norte.
I met plenty of climbers, in groups of various size. Virtually all were headed for Sur, or coming down from it. Some stayed in the refuge, others camped outside, close by. But, more surprising to me, I also met some guided parties, and they didn't even stay near the refuge! After spending a night at basecamp, around 4200m, they bypassed the refuge and headed straight for Campo Uno, between 5200 and 5300m. Not very good for business ...

8 July 2011.


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