Returning from Columbia on kites

8:30 in the evening, may 13, 2011 on the flanks of Snow Dome, returning from Columbia with my brother Dave, about to finish our 21 hour Calgary-Columbia-Calgary return trip. (13.5 hours car to car)

My Brother Dave and I were denied the summit 80m short by a small but furious storm (enough to blow rocks up the 50 degree slope) quite rapidly enveloping the mountain. Return from the car kite-assisted was 13.5 hours, but if we'd have had wind in the morning, and stronger wind in the afternoon 4 hours of slow skinning, and poor navigation could easily be eliminated. Total 2400m climbed (split ~50/50 between skinning and kiting) and well over 40km skiied (70% kiting - probably 70km total skiied if you count switchbacks when tacking)


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