Returning from

Returning from "North Sugarloaf"

Kessler returning back from a peak north of Sugarloaf Peak in the Gore Range. The more rugged peaks in the Gore Range are in the far background. November 26 2010. Sometime Thursday night the temperature dropped down to at least -20F which is the lowest Tony's (another snowshoer in the cabin) would register (I had left my digital thermometers in Kim's pack), but by morning it was snowing and -2F. The others headed back down and later Kessler and I set off to climb the peak north of Sugarloaf Peak (the only one that appeared free of avy danger, which is why chose that one). The weather cleared and the views were gorgeous and the wind was only a slight breeze. We got some great photos, but unfortunately my camera died before sunset and I didn't get photos of that. See the 2010 Trip Log for details.
on Nov 27, 2010 10:47 pm
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