Rijm Assaf

Rijm Assaf

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 29.57070°N / 35.40816°E
Route Type: Trad Climbing
Season: Spring, Fall, Winter
Time Required: Half a day
Rock Difficulty: 5.10a (YDS)


Rijm Assaf is a beautiful route to the summit of Jabel Rum. It is called "a Bedouin route" meaning that it was first climbed by local Bedouin people. The route features hiking, scrambling, and climbing.

Getting There

Head to the Laurence well, pass the stairs and climb over it to enter Wadi Shelali. The route starts climbing the right ridge from the left.

Route Description

Route scheme

Rijm Assaf route scheme

First section

Start climbing the ridge from it's left side while following cairns. Shortly you will reach first section of "Bedouin steps" (5 fr).

First section of Bedouin steps of Rijm Assaf

Continue climbing on the left side and reach the second section on a shelf (5+ fr). Step on the big cairn and find some two big holds to pass the overhang. Put some protection since falling from the shelf can be dangerous.

Beduin step on Rijm Assaf

Continue and pass to the right side of the ridge. Climb an easy (3+ fr) and long corner that will lead you on a big shelf on the right side of the ridge.

Climbing a corner - Rijm Assaf

From the big shelf climb the 20m wall (4/+, bad protection if going straight) to reach the ridge center.

Easy face climbing - Rijm Assaf

Essential Gear

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