Rising Wolf Mountain, South Face Route

Rising Wolf Mountain, South Face Route

It is important to stay high while contouring along the south slopes of Flinsch Peak, to avoid patches of krumholtz and cliffs hidden within. This is after descending the long west ridge from Rising Wolf Mountain. The object is to intercept the trail to Dawson Pass (upper right hand corner) with as little bushwacking as possible. With good route finding, going all the way to the pass is not necessary. Once on the trail, it is just under 7 miles back to your starting point, which can be done by a strong group in around two hours on a very good trail. The rugged spire of Mount Saint Nicholas, one of Glacier's most difficult technical climbs, looms in the distance. Mount Helen's north ridge is seen in the foreground. Rising Wolf Mountain, South Face Route, Glacier National Park, Summer, 2006.

Digital photo by Aaron Johnson

Aaron Johnson
on Aug 27, 2006 11:16 pm
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