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Cabañeros National Park is located in the Montes de Toledo, in the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo. Rocigalgo or Corocho of Rocigalgo is the highest point of the park, the Montes de Toledo and the Toledo province itself.

The Montes de Toledo are divided into several sectors (ranges or massifs): Corral de Cantos, Rocigalgo, Guadalerzas, Chorito, Pocito, Calderina, Castañar (or Yébenes) and San Pablo, also including another provincial highpoint, the Riscos del Amor (1,344 m) which is in the highest peak of province of Ciudad Real, while the summit of Amor (1,380 m) is the most important of the Sierra del Castañar.

Getting There

Entry to the park
The entry of the normal route is in the road near of the villages of Los Navalucillos well signaled. The last 3km are without asfalt, but you can use a normal car.

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Red Tape

Waterfall of ChorroCascada del Chorro

To climb Rocigalgo formerly you had to ask permission in the village of Los Navalucillos, but the area has included in the national park Cabañeros and after that they set up an office park information in the same barrier that comes the track. There the keepers will guide us nicely on access to the summit, with map and outstanding sites to visit. Usually if we specify that we will ascend to the summit they will ask us to register in a book, if we will have any incident. The bulk of the tourists who reach this place, which is being promoted, perhaps to excess, they do wish to visit the beautiful waterfall of Chorro, which is reached in 1 hour walk. In general there is enough parking space, although not recommended to start the ascent too late, because there really are times when car traffic is important, especially in the area that reaches the bar-restaurant located 1km from the barrier. The track is wide but the dust that rises is uncomfortable.


You can use the official page of the park to find lodges, houses, hotels, campings:
Alojamientos Cabañeros

Some campings:
Mirador de Cabañeros, Horcajo de los Montes (Ciudad Real).
Navahermosa, Navahermosa (Toledo).
El Greco, Toledo (Toledo).

Note: in my opinion if you don't know the beautiful city of Toledo is very advisable the visit of this historic place. In this case it's a very good option to find any hotel in Toledo because the trail head is at 2h by car.

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Parque Nacional de Cabañeros.