Rock Rimmon, West Wall (Slabs)

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 42.99870°N / 71.4864°W
Route Type: Toprope
Time Required: Less than two hours
Difficulty: Class 4-5
Rock Difficulty: 5.4 (YDS)


Rock climbing season is about...
 The Western Wall

From I-293 NORTH: Get off of Amoskeag Bridge exit 6. Stay left and make a left. Go past Dunkin Donuts on you right. Make a right on Bremer Street, IMMEDIATELY past the small used auto dealer. Go up the turning hill and straight through Coolidge Street. Make a right on Rimmon Street just before Beaulieu's Mini Market. Take Rimmon Street to Mason Street. Make a left on Mason Street and continue down Mason Street where Rock Rimmon will stand right before you. Stay on Mason Street and the parking area for Rock Rimmon Park lies on your right past the elementary school. The trail to western wall will be 500 yards to the left of Rock Rimmon.

FROM 1-293 SOUTH: Get off on Exit 6. Once off the ramp get into the very left lane heading away from the Amoskeag Bridge (over the river). Stay left at the stoplight. Once you cross over the I-293 Bridge Street make another left at the light and immediately get into the right lane (Don't go on the ramp towards Nashua or Boston or go back around the circle. From there you on the route which you would have been on had you made a left from I-293 North. From there follow the North directions.

Route Description

Rock Rimmon Apr. 10th.

The Western Wall is a great section for beginning rock climbers. It is not surprising to see a cub scout, girl scout or boy scout troop to use this section as there first rock climb. At a 70 degree angle and roughly a 100 feet elevation with no overhangs and no real tricky section, this rock is great way to get a feeling of true rock climbing.

There are two hooks in the rock on the western wall which allows you to toprope this section of Rock Rimmon. Use some caution because there tends to be glass on this rock .

Essential Gear

Bring all essential rock climbing gear:

Helmet, rope, proper footwear, belay gear, chalk, etc.

Miscellaneous Info

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