Rossijevo Skloniste from Alan pass (VPP)

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VELEBIT, Croatia, Europe
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Created On: Jun 13, 2003
Last Edited On: Oct 31, 2003

About Route

Alan hut – Rossijevo Skloniste: 3-3.30h

Starting point of this route is Kuca na Alanu (1340m) hut, which stands close to Veliki Alan (1380m) pass, just by the road, which leads over it. How to get here read Alan pass from Jablanac route.

Trail takes you to Rossijevo Skloniste refuge using famous Premuziceva Staza, which was build between 1930-33 by eng. Ante Premuzic and stretches from Zavizan on North Velebit till Ostarije at the end of Mid Velebit. It is 50km long and this trail uses its other half on North Velebit. Here, on Alan pass, Premuziceva Staza crosses from North to Mid Velebit. This is beautiful walk over meadows of Rozano and into the wild Rozanski Kukovi group.

Alan hut – Rossijevo Skloniste: 3-3.30h

From Alan hut you have two options how to reach Premuziceva Staza path. Direct and steeper is shorter variation which begins just behind the hut and ascends through the forest (20mins). Longer and easier is variation via Alan pass, which you reach in 10-15mins from the hut using road. On the pass you turn left into the forest and in some 15mins reach the spot where steeper variation joins.

In next 10mins you briefly leave the forest as path reaches grassy slopes of Alancic (1611m) peak. Here is sharp bend where path turns right and enters forest again. I highly recommend that you climb Alancic peak because of its fantastic view towards Jablanac and Zavratnica bay, sea and islands (especially Rab) (photo 1, 2). It is 10mins long sharp ascent, so leave backpacks here.

For a while path gradually ascends through the forest, in many band. After some 20-30mins suddenly forest disappears and you enter Rozano, huge undulating grassy space. To reach this spot there is more beautiful unmarked version from Alancic peak, which goes over western part of Rozano, over grassy slopes with beautiful views (photo). From the summit of Alancic head towards north over a grass than down the steep side between the forest. Some 100 vertical meters lower is small pass. Continue straight, gradually ascending towards next small pass, which is just next level of the valley. Orientation is sharp self standing stone. From it turn sharply right and after some 150 meters left cutting grassy slopes towards grassy dome. Bellow you is grassy valley while on its other side is Rozanski Vrh (1638m) peak. As you reach foothills of grassy dome turn sharply right into the canal which will shortly take you onto the pass where 50m behind you reach Premuziceva Staza path. From Alancic peak you need around 40mins.

Premuziceva Staza now traverses grassy slopes and meadows around Seravski Vrh (1661m) going right around it. From this section is beautiful view on Rozanski Kukovi and Krajacev Kuk (1659m) peak (photo). In some 20mins you reach the end of Rozano. Path here turns right, enters the forest and gradually descends traversing slopes of Goli Vrh (1669m). In some 20mins you reach junction where is 1h towards Veliki Lubenovac field and hut.

Path here turns left and takes northern direction again. You are traversing rocky slopes bellow Krajacev Kuk, on the left is huge Cipala forested area with deep basins. Behind you can see part of Rozano and Seravski vrh (1661m), direction you came from. Soon after previous junction you reach another one where path climbs right towards Krajacev Kuk (1659m). In 15-20mins, through a small passage, you enter rocky kingdom of Rozanski Kukovi. On the spot where the path is cut into white cliffs you get first glimpse of beauty that awaits you. Crikvena (1641m) and its white cliffs peak above the forest. Through short forested section you reach its foothills. Path ascends in sharp bends and through narrow gully climbs on pass between western and eastern Crikvena (1641m) (20mins).

Leave the backpacks here and climb the western cliff (marks) whose summit you reach in few minutes. View from it is beautiful on all sides especially on Rozanski Kukovi and Premuziceva Staza path.

From the pass path shortly descents and turns right. This one of most beautiful sections of Premuziceva Staza path which uses wild and narrow ridges between white cliffs of Rozanski Kukovi, going above perpendicular chasms. Few mins behind the pass there is a junction where climbing trail towards Varnjaca (1634m) cliff begins. In 5-10mins of gradual descent you reach sharp bend where is nice view on cliffs of Varnjaca (1634m). Here is another junction where another climbing trail begins, which leads to Varnjaca chasm. When you reach beech trees there is short climb to pass and descent into Bozin Docic, kettle surrounded with cliffs. On its other side path ascends again in few sharp bends reaching again panoramic section, which traverses the cliffs of Rossijev Kuk. Soon you reach yet another important junction where climbing trail towards Rossijev Kuk, Novotnijev Kuk and Vratarski Kuk begins. In some 25mins from Crikvena you are on the pass between Hircev Kuk (1636m) on the left and Rossijev Kuk (1615m) on the right. From here you first spot Rossijevo Skloniste refuge, bellow the cliffs of Pasaricev Kuk (1630m). After a short descent in Jerkovic Dolac meadow you reach the refuge.

Rossijevo Skloniste from Alan pass (VPP)

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