Rossijevo Skloniste from Zavizan (VPP)

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VELEBIT, Croatia, Europe
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Rossijevo Skloniste from Zavizan (VPP)
Created On: Jun 13, 2003
Last Edited On: Oct 31, 2003

About Route

Starting point for this route is Zavizan hut. How to reach it read on Zavizan group page.

This trail uses famous Premuziceva Staza path build from 1930-33 by eng. Ante Premuzic. Almost without any oscillations in altitude it reaches heart of Rozanski Kukovi, once feared impassable group. This is beautiful walk through open karst museum that is so amazing and unique in whole world.

Zavizan – Rossijevo Skloniste: 2.30-3h

From Zavizan hut descent on road to the entrance in Botanical garden. Marks continue using road, which traverses eastern slopes of Veliki Zavizan (1676m), going through nice beech forest. On the other side of Zavizan basin road turns left and soon begins to descent towards Lomska Duliba valley. Just before this you reach sign which shows that Rossijevo Skloniste refuge and Rozanski Kukovi are towards right (25-30mins from Zavizan hut).

Over a small meadow path enters the forest and continues at same altitude. After some 20mins there is less and less forest and more and more stone and rock. First you reach famous bend on the path which is cut in stone. Views open, left is Lomska Duliba valley and little bit to the right Hajducki Kukovi group. Path winds and gradually ascents through torn ridges of Cepuras. On one smooth stone there is a writing wrote on June 30th 1979 in memory of Ante Premuzic and his path.

Soon after Sharp peak of Gromovaca (1676m), joint highest peak of Rozanski Kukovi, appears. From our path it is 15 minutes of climbing to the summit. Because of beautiful view on Rozanski Kukovi, Velebit and sea you should not miss it. From junction it is 45mins more to Rossijevo Skloniste refuge.

Over 1620m point, highest on the entire Premuziceva Staza, path gradually descends towards Pasaricev Kuk (1630m). Around its eastern corner path turns sharply right. From left we are joined by path from Skrbina Draga, via fabin Dolac and path from Vratarsko Sedlo and Vratarski Kuk (1676m).

Now path is cut into the cliffs of Pasaricev Kuk. On the left is amazing 150m deep basin and Novotnijev Kuk (1620m) on the opposite side. After this attractive spot, in 5 mins, path turns sharply right and you reach Rossijevo Skloniste refuge, just bellow white cliffs of Pasaricev Kuk.