Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 49.20210°N / 7.93280°E
Additional Information County: Wernersberg
Activities Activities: Hiking, Sport Climbing, Toprope, Bouldering, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 1227 ft / 374 m
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The Rothenfels (equally named as " Rödelstein " ), is one of those rocks, which are very unknown in the Palatinate ... Unfortunately, because the site is very interesting to see and to visit ! At the first view, when I was on the terrain, the site was too much crowded with sand and flora : a genuine jungle ... I was not very hot, for discovering the site. But, when I saw the height of the rocks, the beautiful erosions and colors of the sandstone, a possibility for reaching the summit, several picturesque climbing towers and, especially, when I saw the summital panorama, my mouth was falling open ! I decided so, to do a complete visit of this rock ...

Named as Wernersberger Rödelstein, the site is not to compare with the Vorderweidenthaler Rödelstein ! Both are having the same name, but not the same interests ... So, be cautious when you are comparing the two sites and please, don't make mistakes !

The Rothenfels is setting himself, at the north-east crest of the Rothenberg (maximal altitude : 462 meters). The base of the rock is situated at 374 meters and the total height of the front side is reaching 32 meters. The middle class in the Palatinate, simply. The Rothenfels is divided in three parts, from east to west :
- Ostgipfel ( " Eastern Summit " ).
- Mittelgipfel ( " Central Summit " ).
- Westgipfel ( " Western Summit " ).

Getting There


The normal access for reaching the Rothenfels, is locating at Wernersberg. A good parking possibility is at your disposition, at the Turnhalle. From here, you can also go to the Wachtfels (altitude 386 meters). For going at the Rothenfels, you have to follow the northern way of the Rothenberg, with the mark of number 32 ! The way is large, comfortable, agreable. The forest is very dense, you are walking on the northern slopes of the Rothenberg mountain. From Wernersberg to Rothenfels, you have to walk 2 kilometers long, it takes 30 good minutes. You can equally reach the Rothenfels, with visiting the Wachtfels panorama. With this option, you have to follow the number 33 ... In both cases, the walk is cool and calm. The Rothenfels is a very quiet and wild rock and I love this too and too much ! Great ! So, go !!!

Red Tape


Hikers and climbers will be very happy to learn, that the Rothenfels is not closed to the public, against peregrines nestings and breedings : this is an excellent new ! The site is totally free of access. But, unfortunately, is this site very unknown by the public. This is due, to the wild and dense flora and to the other fact, that the summit is very difficult to penetrate (you have to practice a sporty scrambling for reaching the summital plateau and this one can be dangerous enough). The only red tape at the Rothenfels is the flora. On the very savage summit, you will find a fabulous concentration of cladonias lichens ! Those lichens are very fragile and you don't have to walk on them ! The cladonias are growing on a summital platform, when the site is almost unfrequented and unknown by the humans. And this is the case for our rock, the Rothenfels ! Fantastic !

Wild Scrambling


The Rothenfels presents a big particularity. For reaching the summital plateau of the main pillar (eastern summit), you have to practice a very hard scrambling, along the northern wall and a very small band. The flora is very dense, junglual : farns, herbs, callunas, ... Later, when you are staying between the eastern and the middle summits, you have to scramble on a small mushroom form rock and directly after, to do a jump of 2 meters, in a deep chasm ! Then, you have to find the tree, a big pine, which will helps you, to reach the end of the platform ! Warning, because the site is totally unsecured and the flora is extremely dense, dangerous ... When I was thereover, in october, I was free of ticks ! Between the pine and the rock, you have to do a very spectacular jump : you have to be very strong with your legs, for succeeding ! Finally, you will penetrate the summital plateau, with a magnificient flora (cladonias ! ) and, especially, an atomical panorama, on Annweiler-am-Trifels and his valley, with too much summits (Adelberg, Hohenberg, Scharfenberg, Rehberg, ... ). Not to forget and to practice in emergency : see the picture above !!!

Main Infos

Location : Wernersberg
Altitude : 374 meters
Total height : 32 meters
Dimensions category : TALL (3 of 4)
Marked path : YES
Access at the bases : YES
Climbing possibilities : YES
Access at the summit : YES (scrambling ! )
Panorama : YES
Natural shelter (s) : YES
Protection restrictions : NO
Main exposure : EAST

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