Rotwand Reibn - a ski loop

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Bavaria, Germany, Europe
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Easy ski hiking loop with several variations

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Rotwand Reibn - a ski loop
Created On: Mar 9, 2009
Last Edited On: Dec 24, 2010


Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Rotwand south slopes (01-03-2009)

Rotwand Reibn is one of the classic ski hikes in the Bavarian pre-alps (by the way: I don´t like this expression because those Bavarian mountains are real mountains and not some sort of soft hills ...:-).

This ski hike - loop round the summit of Rotwand offers ski slopes of all expositions. It is an easy ski hike, a good one for beginners. Those who are more experienced can do some more challenging variations. You can include or exclude some summits, include or exclude some slopes at your leisure. And you traverse some fine mountain landscape.

Starting point normally is Spitzingsee, the well known winter ski eldorado not far from Munich. The first ascent is to Rotwandhaus (two main routes) and to the summit of Rotwand.
The following descent to Großtiefentalalm can be done on at least four different routes and can include the summit of Auerspitze. The traverse of Miesingsattel to Taubensteinhaus offers as a variation the summit of Hochmiesing and its great southwest slope - if there is enough snow.
Enjoy a beer at Taubensteinhaus before you ski down to Spitzingsee.

Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Southwest view from Rotwand summit (01-03-2009)
Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Near Rotwand summit (01-03-2009)
Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Wildfeldalm, view to the west (01-03-2009)

Getting There

Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Rotwand north slopes (01-03-2009)

Check the Rotwand mountain site on SP to learn how to reach Spitzingsee.

Leave your car at the parking area of the Taubenstein cable way - valley station (fee required). This is where you finish the loop.

Take the trail along the Spitzingsee lake in southern direction until you reach a restaurant, called “Wurzhütte”. There is a toll road starting in front of that restaurant, to the south into Valepp valley. This is the trailhead.

Red Tape & Mountain Conditions

Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Rotwand from Miesingsattel (01-03-2009)

You have to pay parking fees at Spitzingsee parking areas.

Winter 2010 / 2011: Actually the owners of the Taubenstein cableways have closed the Lochgraben ski slope for ski hikers ascent. Wether this is in accordance with Bavarian laws is still open.

The Rotwand region has some restriction areas in winter for the mountain animals (so called “quiet zones”). Those areas are marked on the below mentioned topo map of the Alpenverein so you can travel through or round those areas so that mountain animals can stay undisturbed.

The here described routes and variations are not affected by those restrictions. Nevertheless there are several quiet zones adjacent to the route:

  • south of Rauhkopf above Lochgraben ascent;

  • southwest of Lempersberg below Rotwandhaus ascent;

  • south and north of Auerspitze, covering the whole ridge of Maroldschneid, east of the ascent / descent ski routes;

  • east of Taubenstein and Lempersberg above the Kleintiefental routes.

  • Please respect those restrictions and give the winter wildlife a chance!

    Rotwand Reibn can be done in winter and spring - as long as there is enough snow. It is a route for ski hikers and snow shoe hikers.
    Full ski hiking gear for one day is required. Don´t forget your avalanche gear.

    Check the weather forecast here.
    Check the avalanche bulletin here.

    Routes & Trails

    Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Rotwand southeast ridge (01-03-2009)

    Spitzingsee – Rotwandhaus

    Follow the toll road at Wurzhütte (see the Getting There section) for about 100 m. Take the mountain road which leaves the toll road to the left. This mountain road traverses the western and southern slopes of Schwarzenkopf and arrives at a hut of the mountain rescue service.
    About 200 m after this hut another mountain roads diverges from the road in the direction of Rotwandhaus.

    Most times you have to carry your skis up to this mountain road intersection. In winter the snow is flattened on the mountain road to Rotwandhaus by a snow crawler which is used for supply services. Thus Rotwandhaus can be easily reached by winter hikers, too.
    Follow this road through dense woods up to Wildfeldalm. The road traverses then the south slopes of Rotwand above timberline and reaches Rotwandhaus.


    Start your ski hike at Taubenstein cable way, valley station. Follow the ski slopes up to Taubenstein. This is the so called Lochgraben. Look out for skiers, do not disturb them. After the first slope you can leave the ski piste to the left and ascent the slopes left of the ski piste up to Taubenstein.

    Winter 2010 / 2011: Actually the owners of the Taubenstein cableways have closed the Lochgraben ski slope for ski hikers ascent. Wether this is in accordance with Bavarian laws is still open.

    At the mountain station of the cableway leave the ski slopes and follow the mountain ridge to the south. You pass the rock of Taubenstein on its east side. After that you traverse the upper west slopes of Lempersberg to Wildalmsattel, a col high up Rotwand. Afterwards the route traverses the south slopes of Rotwand above the supply road to Rotwandhaus.

    This variation is longer than the normal route to Rotwandhaus and there is more avalanche danger, so check the avalanche bulletin carefully.
    Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Rotwand summit ascent (01-03-2009)
    Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Rotwand summit arete (01-03-2009)


    From Rotwandhaus follow the ski tracks up the south slope to Rotwand summit. This summit is one of the best vista points of the Bavarian pre-alps. The views are just breathtaking on clear days, don´t miss that !
    Then ski down the summit slope back to Rotwandhaus, this mostly is pure fun.
    Rotwandhaus is open the whole year round. Take a break, they have good stuff to eat and on the south side a sun terrace!

    Rotwandhaus – Großtiefentalalm

    Directly east of Rotwandhaus there is a steep snow chute leading down to a col named Kümpflscharte. This chute can be tricky when there is a snow cornice at the beginning or bad snow.

    At Kümpflscharte there are three possibilities:

    1. Immediately turn north and ascend another col directly east of Rotwand. On the northern side are several good slopes to ski down into Großtiefental.

    2. Ascend the slope with light wood east of Kümpflscharte. This one is leading up to the summit ridge of Auerspitze, a neighbouring summit to Rotwand. You reach a flat part of the summit ridge and you are directly in front of the impressing rocks of Ruchenköpfe. Ski down the slopes west of Ruchenköpfe to Großtiefentalalm. This slope mostly has good powder snow.

    3.From the level part of the summit ridge follow the ridge to Auerspitze summit. From Auerspitze you can ski down west of Ruchenköpfe, thus gaining the downhill slope of possibility 2, or east of Ruchenköpfe (another good slope) down to Soinsee, a mountain lake, in winter and spring buried below snow and ice. At Soinsee follow the valley to the west up to Großtiefentalalm.
    Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Ruchenköpfe (01-03-2009)

    Rotwand – Großtiefentalalm direct chute

    If there is enough snow and secure avalanche conditions and if you are a good skier you can ski down the Rotwand chute, southeast of the summit, leading direcly into Großtiefental. The chute starts at a flat part of the southeast ridge near the summit. Normally there are huge snow cornices at the upper end of the chute.

    Großtiefentalalm – Taubenstein – Spitzingsee

    From Großtiefental the ski tracks are heading for Miesingsattel, the next ascent. Use the northern parts of this east slope to avoid the north slopes of Rotwand and their avalanches.

    At Miesingsattel there again are some possibilities to go on.

    1. Simply start your descent to Kleintiefentalalm on the west side of Miesingsattel.

    2. Turn north at Miesingsattel and ascend Hochmiesing, the northern neighbour of Rotwand, a huge plateau-like summit. The ascent and the summit plateau is heavily overgrown with dwarf pines (Latschen). They should be UNDER the snow otherwise Hochmiesing is no fun with skies.

    Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Powder snow fun (01-03-2009)

    Use the west slopes of Hochmiesing for downhill. From the summit cross gain a sort of shoulder on the west side of the plateau. Turn left at this shoulder, there is a clearing in the dense dwarf pines thus giving access to the steep west slopes of Hochmiesing. You can go straight down into the valley or turn more left and pass near Kleintiefentalalm. It depends on snow quality which part is better.

    The last and rather short ascent of this loop leads to Taubensteinhaus, another mountain club hut near the Taubenstein cable way. Take another break at this nice hut for something to drink and to eat. You will have an excellent view to Hochmiesing and Rotwand summit from the terrasse of this hut.
    From Taubensteinhaus the cableway is quickly reached and the ski slope down to Spitzingsee waits for your last ski descent of this great loop.

    Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Rotwand from Kümpflscharte (01-03-2009)
    Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Arriving at Hochmiesing (01-03-2009)
    Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Rotwand from Taubensteinhaus (01-03-2009)


    Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Rotwandhaus and Hinteres Sonnwendjoch (01-03-2009)



    you will find all sorts of accomodations.

    The mountain huts of


    are open the whole year and offer accomodations, too.

    Maps & Guides

    Rotwand Reibn (ski loop)Rotwandhaus ascent (01-03-2009)

    Topo Maps

    Alpenvereinskarte 1 : 25.000, Blatt BV 15,
    Mangfallgebirge Mitte, Spitzingsee, Rotwand
    Alpenverein, 2009.

    Topographische Karte 1 : 50.000 von Bayern
    Bayerisches Landesvermessungsamt München

    Guide Book

    Robert Demmel, Norbert Schneider
    Bayerische Alpen zwischen Inn und Lech.
    Ski-Führer: Skitouren für Einsteiger und Genießer
    Bergverlag Rother, München, 2007
    (only available in german)

    Markus Stadler
    Skitourenführer Bayerische Alpen
    Panico Alpinverlag, Köngen 2007
    (available only in german)


    Difficulty: Beginners - Advanced

    Reasons: The described normal loop route is a beginners route in company with a more experienced ski hiker. The Rotwand summit chute is a downhill route for the advanced.


    easy ski-hikes with moderate altitude difference, easy routes and simple downhill slopes

    Ski hikes for the more experienced, due to higher altitude differences and/or longer and more demanding routes including steep or exposed parts and steeper downhill slopes

    Only for experienced ski hikers and mountaineers; high altitude differences (> 1.500 m), long and demanding routes including steep and difficult route parts and/or rock scrambling and/or parts with crampons / ice axe to get on a summit; steep, exposed and / or narrow downhill slopes

    The difficulty rating shall give you a first advice about how demanding the ski route is. It is my personal rating. The reasons for the rating are given in the description. They are effective for “normal conditions” like good weather, Normal snow conditions and a moderate avalanche danger. Due to bad conditions (weather, snow, avalanches) a lower grade can tend to be more difficult.

    Rotwand Reibn - a ski loop

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