Round tour from Yaiza

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Lanzarote, Spain, Africa/Europe
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Hiking, Scrambling
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Half a day
Hike and Scramble

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Round tour from Yaiza
Created On: Mar 23, 2009
Last Edited On: Mar 23, 2009


Montaña de la CintaMontaña de la Cinta as seen from the east

There are two routes to Montaña de la Cinta, both starting at the village centre of Yaiza. Combined they make up a nice panoramic round hike with a steep scramble to the summit of the mountain. The route is not mared but much of it follows dirt roads and tracks. Orientation is easy, especially since the destination stands out and can be seen during most of the climb.

The summit scramble leads along a path which winds up the north-east face of the mountain. Stay on track as the underground is brittle and deep ruts can easily be worn out of it. Thanks to Don Andres Lorenzo Curbelo the mountain is pretty famous and thus draws more visitors than most of the other volcanoes on Lanzarote.

Getting There

See the main page for the itinerary. The tour starts and ends in the Yaiza village centre.

Route Description

Yaiza and the Montañas del Fuego seen from the base of Montaña de la Cinta

  • General:
      - Start altitude: 185m
      - Summit altitude: 4393m
      - Prevailing exposure: North-East
      - Type: Hike and Scramble
      - Protection: None
  • Effort: 300m
  • Power: 1 - Easy
  • Psyche: 1 - Easy
  • Difficulty: 2 - Steep (tricky on the descent)
  • Orientation: 1 - Easy

    From the village centre of Yaiza follow the main road (LZ701) in direction of Playa Blanca. After a few hundred metres, right at a bus stop, a broad staircase leads upwards on the left hand side. It takes you to a panoramic broadwalk, on which you turn left. Follow the broadwalk, which passes the northern spur of Montaña de la Cinta. After a while it leads you into a valley, which is framed by the two northern ridges of the mountain and leads directly towards it.
    Montaña de la Cinta
    Montaña de la Cinta
    Montaña de la Cinta

    Follow the valley up to its end. Here a narrow path, framed by broken field walls, turns left and leads to the top of the Montaña de la Cinta north-east ridge, named Lomo del Cura. Here you join a dirt road (mark for descent!). Turn right, again heading for the summit of the volcano. The road ends after several hundred metres. From here a barely visible path heads up the final slope. It is very steep but easy to find. Finally, you are on the broad summit ridge with its two barely pronounced summits.
    Atalaya de Femes and te south of Lanzarote

    For the descent, return the same way (take care on the steep slope!) until you reach the dirt road. Follow it and Lomo del Cura for an additional 500m. Here a sharp turn to the left leads you down into the valley between the two ridges again. Another sharp turn at the valley floor takes you outside. You'll reach the same broadwalk and another broad staircase takes you down to Yaiza. turn left, heading back to the church in the village centre.

    Essential Gear

    Hiking gear and - always on Lanzarote - lots of water. Warm clothes against the wind on top, which can be fierce.

  • Round tour from Yaiza

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