Rudawy Janowickie - mines and quarries

Rudawy Janowickie - mines and quarries

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Mountains are for us a source of many rocks and minerals. Exploitation of mountains disappears in our ancient history.

Exploration and exploitation of mountains are two very old activities of man. A final result of them is not always very satisfactory, especially for us, members of SP. When we are looking at some beautiful mountain which is completely devastated by mine or quarry investments, we are sad. However, very often such objects can start to be very interesting ones in the landscape. Many past mines and quarries have nice small water ponds and new flora and fauna inhabit these sites. Caves and walls in such places are very well known for many SP members. Mine and quarry works started in Rudawy Janowickie Mts. since the mediaeval time. In the western part of these mountains there were mainly the quarries of granite, when in the eastern one there were quarries of amphibole and dolomite as well as mines of chalcopiryte, iron and other metals ores.
Granite quarries in...

This album presents several pictures of this past and still present (see an example of dolomite quarry in Redziny) our being here.


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