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Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 2152 ft / 656 m
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It is a nice 2 hour hike to reach the summit. Except that Samaksan (Mt. Samak) is usually so crowded during the weekend, it is a nice destination if you want to enjoy nature and hiking. specially during the late fall. Who knows, maybe you will have the chance to meet some nice people up there as well. Like what happened to us.

Getting There

Gangchon subway station

From Seoul sangbong subway station or Chuncheon, both on Gyeongchun line, you can easily get to Gangchon. There, just out of the subway station you can get bus number 50 which will take you to start point B (look at the page primary photo)or take a taxi and go start point A. Also to go to point A you can use some private vans belonging to a restaurant in Gangchon which will give you the transport service for free and in return you will end up eating in their restaurant after your hike. It's interesting, however we didn't do it. We ate our unique lunch on the summit!!

Going up!

Samaksan, going up

It is better to start from where we did (point A) in my idea. This way you can end up in point B where there are few interesting restaurants, a small market and a bus stop (bus No. 50). If you end your program in point A, there is no bud stop and almost no facilities.

The temples

Samaksan temple

there are two temples on the route, each near one starting point. I think the one near point A is more interesting as it is a bit more deep in the forest.

Too many people on the route!

Samaksan route 1

This is common in Korea. it makes the mountain not so calm and quite, but still it's nice to see people enjoying the nature as well. For sure mountains around Chuncheon are far more less crowded than Seoul area according to Samuel's experience.

Samaksan route 2

The top!

Samaksan summit 1
Samaksan summit 2

Not high!! But nice. The views on the way before summit are more beautiful. Don't miss taking pictures. Not as much to see on the top.

Samaksan summit 3

Going down to point B

Samaksan route 3

Another reason to put keep this way for the return is that a big part of it is covered by man made stairs which are less annoying when you are descending! The route is so nice. Nice canyon, nice small waterfalls and beautiful trees especially in the fall.

Samaksan route 4

Point B!

Samaksan route entrance market

It is interesting when the canyon suddenly ends and there are few restaurants, a temple, an open market and toilet are the places to enjoy ocasionally!
Restaurant in in Samaksan entrance

Best Season

No doubt, Fall! Thus I am interested to try winter once. maybe it will change my idea:
Samaksan route 5