San Francisco Mtn. Ridgeline Traverse

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Arizona, United States, North America
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A long day
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Created On: Feb 21, 2002
Last Edited On: Mar 5, 2004


This hike starts in Locket Meadow.
From Flagstaff drive about 14 miles to Sunset Crater Rd. Do not turn on Sunset Crater Rd. Turn left onto a Forest Road directly across from Sunset Crater Road. There is a sign that tells you where to go just as you get onto the Forest Road. There are signs at every junction. Just keep following the ones that say Locket Meadow. Once in Locket Meadow follow the road around to the parking area for hikers. The parking is on the left, the trail is on the right.

Route Description

This route follows the top of San Francisco Mountain's bowl and takes you over all 6 points on San Francisco Mountain. Plan for an extremely long day. It includes Rees Peak (11484), Aubineau Peak (11878), Humphreys Peak (12633), Agassiz Peak (12356), Fremont Peak (11969), and Doyle Peak (11460). Take the trail that leads into The Inner Basin. About 2 miles back you will come to a shelter, and the trail splits. Take the left trail that leads to Bear Jaw Canyon. Hike back until it looks good enough to start hiking up. Your first peak is Rees Peak. Once on Rees Peak hike north, down Rees, then up Aubinaeu. This Peak is a lot steeper. Some parts of the climb might be 2+. After you Climb Aubinaeu continue north down the along the long connecting ridge up Humphreys Peak. This part of the climb is very steep and rocky. From Humphreys Peak continue along the Humphreys trail until you get to the saddle. From there hike along the Weatherford trail until you get to the upper part of the saddle. Here you will see a sign that says, "Agassiz Peak $500 fine. " Ignore the sign and hike the ridge until you get to the top. This is fairly easy hiking. Try to stay on the left side of the saddle as much as you can to avoid from being spotted. Once on top of Agassiz Peak you can either come back to the Weatherford Trail the way you came and hike down it in the Inner Basin or hike down the eastern ridge. The ridge is shorter but very steep. You might want to use your hands coming down it or bring a stick. Once at the saddle look for a grassy slope on Fremont heading up to the top of the ridge. Hike up the 300 (vertical) foot grassy slope. Once on the ridge hike along it bushwhacking and hiking over dead trees. Hike up the final loose scree slope to the summit of Fremont Peak. Hike down the 1200-foot northern ridge to the saddle. Then hike up your final summit, Doyle Peak. This is the easiest summit of the day. From the top you can continue north along the ridge over about 4 ridge points and finally back to Locket Meadow, or you can head back down to the saddle, catch the Weatherford Trail, then head down the rocky slope into the Inner Basin. Find the trail and head 3 miles back down into Locket Meadow.

Essential Gear

Lots of Water and Food. A walking stick is also recomended.

Miscellaneous Info

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San Francisco Mtn. Ridgeline Traverse

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