Sansanet-Ibón de Estanés

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Huesca, Spain, Europe
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Spring, Summer, Fall
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Half a day
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Class 3

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Sansanet-Ibón de Estanés
Created On: Sep 23, 2013
Last Edited On: Sep 23, 2013


It's note the normal route because it's longer than Lizara's route but the visit of Ibón (lake) de Estanés is a great oportunity to enjoy of one of the most beautiful places of the area. The crossin of valle (valley) de los sarrios is a perefect combination to enjoy of a marvelosus day. It's possible for mountaineers with good training to climb Bisaurín, the most important peak of the area but you will need more than 5h and Cúpula de Secús is the best choice in my opinion.

Getting There

Sansanet is a little parking at North of the col de Somport between Spain and France. It's signaled in the road but you must be carefull driving slowly because it's after a curve.

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Route Description

In the parking you see the signal to Ibón de Estanés, following the path crossing the bridge to reach finally the G.R.-11 and the path of camille that come from the ski-resort of Candanché (be careful with this crosspath in the return). Across Puerto de Estanés you reach the big lake. Now you follow the paint red and white of G.R.-11 in left side bordering the lake to one point where you see thr marks of a short path (yellow and green) turning to left side to reach a important col in left side. In right side (South) is the long ramp to walk to the enter to the Valle de los Sarrios, a spectacular cirque of peaks with range of Bernera in front of you.

You must cross now all the green field (it was a lake in old times) to the end turning to right side to reach the Puerto de Bernera. In left side you can see the big peak of Bisaurin but in right side is Cúpula de Secús. You must walk following initially the paint red and white leaving to walk in direction to the pre-summit of Cúpula de Secús walking a steepy ramp of rock and grass. The last section is rocky and you must search in left side a chimney to use the hands in a easy rock-climbing (I+) to reach te summit.

Essential Gear

Nothing special in summer (cap, sunglasses, water, boots,...). In Spring you need crampons and ice-axe because the access to valle de los Sarrios is steepy. In winter the route it's not advisable because the risk of avalanches is great

External Links

komandokroketa (nice sketchs to reach valle de los sarrios, the route follow to Bisaurin and they didn't climb Cúpula de Secús)

Sansanet-Ibón de Estanés

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