Sas Puntas, sae Mussinu, Romasinu

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Sardinia / Sardegna, Italy, Europe
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Scramble and Hike
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Half a day

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Created On: Aug 9, 2004
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From Lula take SP3 east (direction Passo Santa Anna). 6km after the town on the right hand side first a dirt road (route to Janna Nurai), a little later a marked trail (Sentiero Italia) turn off. Park the car at either of the trailheads they are only 500m from each other.

Route Description

Altitude difference: 630m
Duration: 4h
Difficulity: Hike
Trailhead: At SP 3 between Lula and Passo Santa Anna

The trail starts at the country road SP3 between Lula and Passo Santa Anna (5km east of Lula). Here Sentiero Italia crosses the road and heads up the mountain through an overgrown couloir. After having climbed half the way the trail to su Campo 'e Sussu (and Punta Catirina) turns off to the right. Follow Sentiero Italia, which makes som turns along beautiful ledges before it reaches the Monte Albo high plateau. The meadow where the trail meets the plateau is called sas Puntas and there is an "Ovile", a sheperd's hut completely made of Juniper branches.

After visiting the Ovile, head on to Punta sae Mussinu. From here on you won't encounter any marks along the "trail" but it is best to keep as close as possible to the Monte Albo north face. Punta sae Mussinu is easily climbed (some stretches of UIAA 1 - depending on your choice of way) and offers a good view of the remainder of the hike.

Head down into the saddle Janna Cummitarvu before heading up and down along the rifge. It finally leads to Punta Romasinu, which - since it has almost the same elevation as Ferulargiu - again offers great views. On clear days the view toward Supramonte is breathtaking.

Now there follows the most interesting part of the Ferrulargiu Route: we head down towards the ravine between Romasinu and Ferulargiu. You have to circle it on its southern side, always high above the dramatic drops into the void. From both sides of the ravine you are afforder the best views of Ferrulargiu and Romasinu.

The final ascent to Punta Ferulargiu is unspectacular since it draws away from the north face. Still it is not easy to accomplich since low oak and juniper trees impede the ascent. Use your own best judgement of how to reach the summit. There are many possible trails but it is hars to tell which one is best.

If you feel strong enough - and if your feet haven't given in to the karst assault from below - you can head onwards to Punta su Matucrone. We turned round - and were lucky to have done so - our feet hurt from then on to the end of our vacation.

Punta Ferulargiu photo_id=97117Punta Ferulargiu photo_id=101041Punta Ferulargiu photo_id=101031Punta Ferulargiu photo_id=101040

Essential Gear

Normal hiking gear - boots with thick soles are essential - is enough. Bring warm clothes - though the summit is not very high its proximity to the sea ensures high winds. And having started from sea level one sometimes forgets about temperatures in higher altitudes.

Sas Puntas, sae Mussinu, Romasinu

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